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Dare to Care and Share, Support our Officers Tammy Tangent Tuesdays

Blameless Rocklin PD

 Tammy Tangent Tuesdays

Dare to Care and Share

Support our Officers

Starbucks Gift Cards Anyone?

Hello Beautiful!  It’s that time again, it’s Tammy Tangent Tuesdays!!!  We are finally going back to resuming our outreach service geared towards bringing unity back into our communities. What a great start with this weekly challenge that has us going out into our communities and showing our love and support through acknowledging all these amazing men and women who put their lives on the line each and every day to serve, defend and protect! Blameless Police 3And with the crime, mindset and condition of the world today, please understand how vital it is for initiating this unity back into our communities by constantly rallying around them through love and support.  We can accomplish this by letting them know how much we appreciate them for all they do on a daily basis with random thank-you’s of support and encouragement along with a great cup of java!  Starbucks gift cards anyone!

Blameless Police OfficersWhen a police officer is sworn in, they take an oath to serve and protect the lives and property of others, while defending and keeping the public safe.  These brave men and women are constantly on high alert and live under tremendous stress.  They don’t leave their homes and families worrying they might not make it home, they just pray that their dedication and service can make a difference while defending and protecting their community.  Don’t let bad press cloud the respect and honor these brave men and women deserve!

For all of the wonderful parents and grandparents out there looking for a great summer activity, what a fun craft/art project that will keep everyone cool and happy, is to have the kids make thank you cards and draw up cute letters to drop off at your local police departments; and for the rest of us, to send a simple email, a written card, or personally handing them a Starbucks $5 gift card with a thank you note blessing them with words of gratitude for all they do and that we are supporting them along the way and praying for them!

Blameless Amazing OfficerWeekly Challenge:  Let’s get together and go out into our communities and give a loud and great big “Thank You” to all of our local law enforcement officers.  Let’s start showering them with love and support through gratitude and praise for all they do by handing them a Starbucks Coffee gift card, along with writing out a thank you note, offering hugs, words of encouragement, and a whole lot of praise!  Keep a few in your purse and a few in the cup holder of your car; you’ll never know when you might be blessed to hand one out!  Let them know they’re appreciated.

Grab your girlfriends, your church community, kids and grandchildren and share the love through support!  What a great way to model to our kids our respect for authority and unity in our communities through giving back while firemen tragedyhaving fun by loving on and blessing others with random acts of kindness and cheerful smiles radiating that Beautiful You!

They do so much for us, let’s do what we can to say “THANK YOU.”  We all have a role and responsibility in contributing to our own neighborhoods and communities by helping restore the unity and what a great way to start, through the support and encouragement of our law enforcement officers before it’s too late!  We all need to do our part!

Blameless Police Sacramento

Thank you for being

Beautiful You!

Have a blessed and victorious week!


Wanted: People With Courage to be Kind! Tammy Tangent Tuesdays

Tammy Tangent Tuesdays

Blameless Kermit Courage 2.7

Wanted:  People with Courage to be Kind

Unity within our Communities

Hello Beautiful!  It’s that time again, it’s Tammy Tangent Tuesdays!!!  I pray you are all reflecting upon the 49 blessings of gratitude that we get to hold onto each and every day as a gentle reminder of how blessed we are!  We now have before our very own eyes our gratitude walls written by us to reflect upon and ponder on the many blessings we have related during last week’s challenge. That is a token worth holding in every pocket of our beating hearts to remind us just how blessed we are!  Sometimes it’s easy to forget!  Here’s the link to last week’s gratitude wall:

I can’t even begin to relate the gratitude and appreciation I have for all the amazing emails, spoken words of encouragement, and inspiration to continue in writing these communal outreach Tammy Tangent Tuesdays challenges!  Talk about being grateful; I even need this encouragement!  I know I have deviated somewhat from the community outreach aspect, but it’s obvious my obedience was a blessing.  Phew……  We Beloveds get so depleted ourselves, it’s hard to pour into others when we need that extra grace required ourselves!  It blesses me to know my wild tantrums and prayers are so receptive.  We all have so much to be grateful for; sometimes it’s just buried beneath all the mud and muck of the messiness that our lives bring.

This weekly challenge is going to require intent and strength, not to mention grace, to scurry up enough courage to be kind to everyone we cross paths Blameless Courage Kind Frog 7with.  Kind of like the picture of the frog with the butterfly sitting atop its head; he would much rather eat the butterfly than extend kindness!  And in the wake of the massacre last week in South Carolina, we have an amazing testimonial of faith and grace that the victims’ families extended and poured out into the killer that took the lives of their loved ones.  I may be blessed with the gift of compassion and can love and forgive easy; but I can actually say to be able to relate forgiveness through love and kindness like they shared right away takes more than a beautiful soul, it takes a life built on, filled with, and immersed in constant communion and relationship with Jesus Christ.  I want to love like that; don’t you? 

We need to start embracing and engaging with everyone that we encounter daily through reaching out and influencing, not living in our bubbles of comfort and seclusion, so our touch will unite and link us all together. This fulfills what Ephesians 5:1 tells us, “Be imitators of God, therefore, as dearly loved children and live a life of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.”

It is alleged that the killer stated he almost didn’t go through it because the people “were being so kind.”  That should give us all enough incentive to start embracing everyone we meet in our communities with courage and Blameless Courage Kind Frog 7kindness.  This is the only way we are going to bring unity back into our communities. Simple acknowledgements of affirmation such as smiles, saying hello, hugs, and getting to know those who live in our communities are detrimental to bringing unity back. The victims’ families have stayed surrounded by community and love from others instead of going at it alone.  They are uniting together which is why love is being poured out and not more evil.  That’s how we tap into God’s love and sustaining power of the Great Comforter, the Holy Spirit, that Jesus promised would help us get through the tragedies of life (Ephesians 3:16-21).  That’s the beauty of community and the purpose of the body of Christ!  It’s going to take a delicate balance between prayer (meditation) and practice (action) in claiming the courage to be kind!

Sometimes it’s nearly impossible to be kind to those who have hurt us in the past, but what a beautiful blessing it will be to everyone once we do.  Remember that frog with the butterfly atop its head!  Results bring miracles of healing all because of grace. Take advantage in being as courageous as a lion in making peace with being Beautiful You while extending kindness through the grace you’ve been given.  You are equipping yourself with the courage to let everyone witness the Beautiful You, all because of your kindness!

Unity within our Communities

Every new change and mindset requires courage.  It’s hard to change the way we see ourselves and others and what we think, say or do.  My favorite scripture regarding courage is to meditate on the wonderful words of wisdom written in Joshua 1:9 (NIV) that says: “…Be strong and courageous.  Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”  It takes a lot of courage to change our mindset through meditation and action, but we need more kindness to make a change in our communities!!!  Let’s start by being kind to others!

I pray you have an amazing week, Beautiful, filled with love and the courage to be kind!

Thank You for being Beautiful You!

Blameless Kermit Courage 2.7

Tammy Tangent Tuesdays – The Hot, Hot, Hot 3 C’s Girls Club!

Psstt… Have you heard?

Blameless Girls 3 C's 1.1

There’s a new Girls Club in Town! 

It’s HOT, HOT, HOT and it’s ruled by the 3 C’s!

Blameless 3 C's

Hello Beautiful!  I pray you’re having a blessed week so far enjoying life this side of heaven.  It’s that time again; it’s Tammy Tangent Tuesdays!  This weekly challenge costs you nothing but change and the freedom it brings through being H-O-T, H-O-T, H-O-T, you’re going to wonder how you’ve lived without it! 

Blameless 3 C's 1.1Connect † Celebrate † Contribute

If you dare to be hot, dare to care, have the courage, and are willing to be challenged, then I welcome you to an environment to connect, to celebrate, and to contribute!  Yes, this community is solely focused on celebrating the Beautiful Beloveds God designed us girls to be while bringing unity back into our communities.  It started all the way back to the early church formation reflected in the Book of Acts and somehow or another it got buried and forgotten.  After much digging and cleaning of the musty-dusty dark corners, the treasures of Acts 2:42-47 emerged!

Extra, extra, read all about it!!!  Today’s Headlines:  The girls are coming to town and they’re sizzlin’ hot!  I don’t care how old we are, young or old, we are all looking for a place to connect and belong, a safehaven and atmosphere that offers us acceptance in embracing the Beautiful Beloveds that God so intricately designed that is anything but boring when it is based on treasured darlings who believe in the H-O-T, H-O-T, H-O-T community: Being honest, open, and transparent!!!

H ~ Honest

O ~ Open

T ~ Transparent

As Neichelle Guidry reminds us, “If you are going to seek the kingdom of God — you must overcome your addiction to comfort.”  The only way we can embrace all that God has in store for us is our willingness to change through being H-O-T!!!  The Bible never said living a life in being a Beautiful Beloved would be dull and boring, quite the contrary; God said it would be an exciting journey filled with joy and blessings if only we would approach each and every day with great expectation.  This can be accomplished through the richness that relationships with others can bring while bringing Him glory.  There’s so much life to live this side of heaven; it’s time to embrace it while shedding off the old!

I don’t know about you, Beautiful Beloved, but I dare you to care enough to take on the challenge in being the courageous Beloved God designed you to be.  Then you’ll be able to live by the 3 C’s rule which will allow you to connect, celebrate, and contribute to our communities all the while knowing just how Beautiful and Hot you were designed and created to be!

Come on, I dare you to take on the challenge to…….

Connect, Celebrate, Contribute

Acts 2:42-47

While Being Hot!

This challenge is for the courage to care and to change!

We all have a choice to express caring through the courage and challenge to make changes in our character and conduct through the celebration of contributing and connecting.  Phheeeewww… that’s a lot of C’s!  Let’s make it our weekly challenge this week by starting the 3 C’s Club in being H-O-T by connecting, celebrating and contributing with those in our communities.  Let’s celebrate it by expressing at least “three encouraging words” a day through courage and kindness.  Encouragement breeds beautiful change!

We need each other to share our lives through honesty, openness and transparency; how else are we going to learn how to be better and stronger at being who God designed us girls, women, friends, daughters, moms, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, you name it, to be!  We need each other!  We need the wise to share their experiences of failure and victory; otherwise, where will the youth learn from.  How about the value that the younger generation brings through their innocence and purity, it can sure teach us old dogs a few new tricks found in the secret joy of great expectations.  Their gift of technological savviness and their unprecedented determination for justice is needed!  We all contribute to the successful unity within our communities.  When we make the decision to connect with a pure heart, humility and conviction, then we’re able to celebrate and contribute to other people’s lives.  That’s what the gospel is all about; loving through H-O-T relationships.

Let’s start opening our tender and bleeding hearts to God’s direction.  We need each other and two are better than one; and three is definitely not a crowd, it is a community!  Where there is community and care, we are able to contribute by sharing our testimonies of great strength and desires and then our connections will turn into great communities of celebration!

Thank You For Being Beautiful You!

Blameless Ballet 3.11

Dancing Bones Tammy Ingram Founder

Ezekiel 37:1-14 ~ Dancing Bones

Blameless Dancing Bones 7

Dry Bones Syndrome?

How did we get here?  Who taught us to behave the way we do?  Why are our churches filled with dry bones?  No wonder the rats are scurrying about with the slightest reflection of light.  How can we speak life back into the body of Christ?  We have resorted to the complacency of the Dry Bones Syndrome that Ezekiel 37 talks about.  With it being so easy to claim life back into those bones through the power and authority of what the gospel is all about, you know, what Jesus Christ accomplished on the cross at Calvary, why are our bones still dead and not dancing? 

Philippians 4:13I don’t know about you, even though I have kicked and screamed a few thousand times myself, I have made a decision to allow the Lord to restore my dried up bones back to life and engage in the Dancing Bones community.  (This is probably why you will find me dancing just about everywhere these days ).  The Dancing Bones community is what the Body of Christ comes together for; to bring back life through healing and to restore the soul through love and acceptance in being who you REALLY ARE!!! 

We are living under this perception that our congregations are meant for us to visit while hiding behind these false pretenses of facades we spend so much time constructing instead of spending that time embracing who and what we are by learning together what it’s like to apply these principles which make up the gospel.  God did not design you to run from being the Beautiful You you really are!  None of us are perfect, and I am so grateful for that, being the imperfect person I am.  How can this community happen, though, when you arrive late so you don’t have to talk to anybody and then you’re the first to leave, or you completely ignore others by keeping your head down or looking forward with tunnel vision?  What are you hiding from or behind?  This is what we receive through community, the knowledge and wisdom found through connecting with each other and contributing to being one of the many (1 Corinthians 12:12-27) while being united together: the definition of the gospel!  Please do not rob me of the blessings in getting to know you (it is all about me, you know ), you have needed value to share!

I have been on a journey the past couple of years on a quest to find out what exactly it means to be a Christian woman because what I was sadly witnessing and finding throughout our churches did not mirror with what the Bible proclaims.  Since a lot of Christians were living out lives that were quite contrary to Biblical doctrine once they left their congregational walls, I explored all possible avenues of what it means to look like a Christian woman. 

Blameless Dancing Bones 7We are taught about what it means to be a Christian and how to obtain salvation and eternal life, but what about the qualities and characteristics that are supposed to exist in being a Christian woman.  Nobody taught me what my roles and responsibilities were as a Godly woman claiming the inheritance of the kingdom of God amongst a dark and evil world, so I sought out through higher education and the Spirit’s guidance, along with teaching many age groups of women and listening to real-life stories of women in ministry, to find out what would make my God, Almighty God, happy!  Let me say one thing, isolation and being someone you’re not is not the answer.  Not only is it deceptive, but it robs you and others of your presence, your story and your life!

If we’ve had life spoken over and into us, like how God restored the dried bones back to life in Ezekiel 37, shouldn’t we be representatives that speak to the truth, the power and the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ through the transforming power of our very own lives?  Sadly, we have hindered the gospel’s meaning through the division that exists in the body of Christ!  What happened to connecting, celebrating, caring, and contributing to what is spoken about in Acts 2:42-47? 

The success of the gospel has been

hindered by division!

It appears somewhere down the road we have strayed away from the Biblical definition of the traditional family roles and values.  We wonder why society is the way it is.  I know I have done my fair share in life to corrupt society, but I take my responsibilities seriously now with being a daughter of Christ and what the gospel proclaims, so I want to leave a legacy that promotes those beliefs, no matter how hard it is or the persecution I encounter living it out to the best of my ability through the grace given me. 

The number one challenging characteristic that I found through all women in general, not just Christian ones and I am including myself in this pact, is our cattiness behavior and how we’re either too afraid to love or be loved on because of “prior hurts” or “fear of rejection” or this “mean-girl victim” mentality.  One thing that is adamantly clear is that we all need to be rebuilt again that only the Lord can accomplish.  I am not saying this to be mean or ugly, I am only being honest.  Us women are doing quite a disservice to our Lord and each other through the conditions of our hearts and minds, and major artery surgery needs to be performed by the Great Physician in order to heal our bleeding hearts so we can bring unity back into our communities.

Blameless Dancing Bones 8These past years, the Lord has led me on a journey to see firsthand the condition of the hearts and minds of many Beautiful Beloveds. I have watched leaders set up other leaders just to get ahead, I have watched the hurt from deceitful words, and I’ve also witnessed walls of isolation being built around many tender hearts because we just don’t understand our value and worth in Christ.  That’s really no one’s fault but our very own; it’s our responsibility to engage in a relationship with the Lord.  Our relationship with the Lord is mirrored through our earthly relationships.  If we don’t engage in beautiful and trusting relationships with others while being ourselves, then that’s indicative of our relationship with God.  He loves us just the way we are, so Blameless Dancing Bones 8why are we struggling in coming to the throne of God being ourselves?   That’s why we need each other, totally exposed and vulnerable, so we can help encourage and exhort one another; that’s what the Bible says.  That requires people who will care, connect, celebrate and contribute.

The only way we can allow the Lord to bring life back into our dried and brittle bones is to open up our Bibles and study the beautiful Words that are there for us to engage in and apply the principles that it teaches.  How else are we going to be romanced with the greatest love affair available to mankind if we don’t engage in a daily relationship with God?  He loves us just the way we are and He just wants us to tap into that life-giving power that resides through the beauty of the written Word.  He just wants a little of Blameless Dancing Bones 9our time to say hello!  This is the only way healing can begin to bring the unity back alive in our congregations that the Spirit so eagerly awaits to pour out!  There is responsibility with claiming that inheritance and that love should drive us to cleave into our loving daddy’s arms.  Once that occurs, the Spirit of Truth will restore our old, dead bones and get us dancing again.

Let’s Embrace Who God

Designed Us To Be!

Thank You For Being

Beautiful You!

Blameless Fearfully and Wonderfully Made 1

Psalm 46:10 ~ Tammy Tangent Tuesdays – Be Still

Blameless Quiet 5.2

Tammy Tangent Tuesdays

Hello Beautiful!  I pray you’re having a blessed week so far!  It’s that time again, it’s Tammy Tangent Tuesdays! This week’s Tammy Tangent Tuesdays is dedicated and devoted just to you, Beloved!!!  It’s time to embrace and cherish that Beautiful You!  It’s time to be still.  Ooooh, and I know how hard that is, but it’s oh-so-rewarding! 

In order to be filled, we need to be still!

Why is it we always seem to work so hard taking care of everyone else, but we have a tendency to forget about ourselves?  Especially lately, with all the increased demands that graduation and summertime planning brings Blameless Quiet 5.2about, we forget who is most important here and the last to receive: Beautiful You!  It’s time to take care of YOU and only YOU this week!  Will you value yourself enough to be still and know who God says He is (Psalm 46:10) while allowing Him to take inventory within? 

It’s time to make peace with yourself and quit putting yourself in places where God never intended you to be!  He knows how hard we strive to impress Him and others through our service and performance, but He wants nothing more than to lavishly pour out His love onto us.  This requires being still and quiet at the feet of Jesus without an agenda except to be refreshed and loved on!  Being loved on is an understatement that occurs while being still; this quiet time satisfies our souls unlike anything we’ve ever experienced and heals all those deep recesses!  Now, that’s what I call being romanced!  God doesn’t just want His Beloveds to exist and just survive, He wants our hearts healed and our lives filled with joy!

This weekly challenge is to start off each day in prayer and meditation, giving praises to God Almighty, while allowing yourself time to be Blameless Psalm 46.10 TTTrefreshed doing whatever it is that makes you happy; whether that’s taking a bubble bath, a bike ride or hike, time spent with friends just being silly and girly like us girls LOVE TO DO while having a great time celebrating each others’ lives (I know I am having a blast celebrating life lately), or it’s time spent in all-deserving solitude; just DO IT!!!  You deserve it and owe it to yourself the time to ponder and reflect upon your worth and value!  Embrace this time to realize how special and important your life is!  Be refreshed!  Never forget how cherished and loved you are!  We have to take care of ourselves to make sure we’re being filled up spiritually, emotionally, and physically first before we can love on and take care of others.  There’s no way to pour into others with love without first being renewed, revitalized and refreshed!  Celebrate your life while you’re alive!!!

Blameless Friends 1Beautiful Beloved, my very own heartfelt prayers going out for you this week is that you will take the time to allow the Lord to refresh and renew your spirit; that inner beauty that you so graciously forget you possess that needs tender loving care!  Let’s remember that we’re all in this race together and that we need each other for accountability purposes to remind each other that we are valued, important and so deserving of some “me time” to be refreshed and renewed!  ♥♥♥  That’s what we call Girl Power!

Have A Blessed Week, Beloved!

Thank You For Being Beautiful You!

Blameless Be Still 1

Psalm 46:10, “Be still and know that I am God.”