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Enter With Thanksgiving ~ Tammy Tangent Tuesdays

Blameless Door Enter 2.1

Enter With Thanksgiving

Hello Beautiful!  I pray you’re having a blessed week so far remembering how special and unique you are.  It’s that time again; it’s Tammy Tangent Tuesdays! As we prepare for our Thanksgiving festivities, I am covering each and every Beloved this week in prayer in hopes that we can be conscience of being kind and compassionate to ourselves and let go of the perfectionism and demands that go into hosting these holiday festivities.  I know us Beloveds are busy, busy, busy scheduling, shopping, juggling, preparing, baking, chopping, you name it!

Because I understand how challenging Thanksgiving can be, especially when catering to multiple and differing families, even the loneliness that can occupy our hearts because of the hustle and bustle, our weekly challenge is to walk through the door of Thanksgiving with peace and gratitude.  Psalm 100:1-5 invites us to joyfully enter into God’s presence with thanksgiving and praise.

Let’s go through this day with opened hearts and minds so we can see, hear, and experience the blessings that surround us.  This means to taste and see the goodness of the Lord as we embrace the beauty of each step while allowing our tender hearts to be fulfilled.  Let’s remove the veil of busyness and distraction so we may encounter the thoughtfulness and love that each and every golden nugget (gifts) that has been laid out specifically for us alone to encounter and embrace is acknowledged.

How about we challenge ourselves not to be worried about tomorrow, for today has enough worries of its own (Matthew 6:34).  If you focus on the worries of tomorrow, you will miss out on the blessings God intended you to experience today and rob you of your day’s measure of peace.  Ponder that for a still, quiet moment!  If we’re so consumed with other matters, we end up walking through the day blindsided because of our preoccupation, forfeiting us to miss out on the blessings that were intended for only today.

That also includes living out the role of perfectionism.  Holidays are rough on us Type A Beloveds who strive to make everything beautiful and perfect for everyone, forgetting ourselves, which causes us to be depleted, emotionally absent, and may even stimulate becoming bitter and angry.  We don’t want that monster rearing its ugly head; I know I don’t :-).  Let’s bless our family and friends with being the Beautiful Beloveds that we are by being present! 

I know this will be quite a feat and challenge for a lot of us Beloveds that is going to require the courage and compassion to be kind enough to ourselves to let a pie burn or the tablecloth being stained or even leaving the giblets in the turkey because you didn’t know you were supposed to take them out beforehand (yep, been there, done that ), but it is so worth it.  Believe me, it is a great memory to be able to look back and laugh at yourself.  Quite a conversation piece; and 30 years later, it still brings laughter!

Weekly Challenge:  Let’s walk through the door of Thanksgiving being alert and present, with hearts filled with joy and gratitude, while being the Beautiful Beloveds that God says we are!  I am grateful and praising God for all of the Beloveds who make our bruised and tattered world a more radiant and warm, inviting place; that’s you!  Happy Thanksgiving, Beautiful! 

Until next time…

Thank You for being Beautiful You!

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How to Overcome Fear Inhale Courage, Exhale Fear

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How To Overcome Fear

Inhale Courage,

Exhale Fear!

Fear, another ugly and despised “F” word in the English language that has negative connotations, and rightfully so!  How does one overcome the afflictions of fear?  With everything going on in the world today, fear seems to be immobilizing us to complacency.

I’m trying to walk through fear myself and this is the most paralyzed I’ve ever been.  Fear grabs a hold of our tender hearts and minds and keeps us from God’s best; whether it’s an underlying insecurity that we all battle against, words that hurt and leave us in bondage, fear that keeps us isolated from others, or the fear of being harmed. 

How are we supposed to handle fear?  I know I’m constantly seeking this stronghold deliverance.  This victory cannot be accomplished through our own strength (thank God, otherwise I’d lose ), but God reminded me today that victory will be brought about by relying on and believing in the Lord’s strength and resources. 

To claim victory over fear, I am focusing on two particular and unique passages: “Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord Almighty” Zechariah 4:6 and “For God did not give us a spirit of timidity (fear), but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline” (sound mind) 2 Timothy 1:7.

This brings on a whole other issue; the battle of fear requires complete surrender in letting God have total control.  My allowing God to take the lead and do the guiding takes on another form of battle regarding obedience as I pursue His direction just to walk through it blindly scared to death!  But when we love someone and know we can trust them, it should take the edge off the fear, right?  Yes!  But truth be told, failure’s subsequent repercussions could be more damaging than the battle itself.  That’s why I’m quivering.

Since we can’t deny the fear and run the other way like we want because it’s an eerie shadow after blood, we have to tackle it before more people get hurt by the enemy’s blatant disregard to humanity!  God has placed us here for a time such as this to keep this epidemic from infecting other innocent victims.

Why are we so afraid to stop evil and its infection that is plaguing our lives and the lives of many others?  Why do we shy away from getting involved or standing up for justice?  Is it because we’re so busy doing other things, we don’t want to add additional burdens onto our already full plates?  Is it the fear of standing firm on the Truths found in the Bible and our Constitution?  How about that it forces us to do something outside of our comfort zone that we’ve never done before?  Or most probable, we’re fearful of failure and what others might say (image buster), so we just expect and depend on others to defend our freedom and rights?

This enemy I’m going up against personally needs to be stopped because they’ve already hurt too many other precious souls.  We have laws for a reason, and when people with money, power and prestige feel they can do what they please without any regard for the law, even us little ‘ole grandmas (remember, I’m 5’10”) can do a lot to make sure our laws are implemented to stop crime and help protect our future generations.  It may be scarier than any horror film, but with God as the director of my story, my role and script is already written and my only part is to walk through it while trusting.  But…  Ignorance is not my bliss!

How do we learn to stand up for justice and sever the bondage of fear?  I know spending time seeking God and pressing into Him by being immersed in the Bible reminds me that God has brought me to this point and He will provide His favor and provision through strength, confidence, and boldness which will extinguish my doubts about whether I’m hearing God’s voice correctly as I struggle to move forward in obedience.

With the growing presence of evil in this world today, I believe the reason it has become so prevalent is because instead of battling these giants, we react by succumbing to fear which is paralyzing.  We forget we have the greatest advocate, Jesus Christ, walking alongside of us holding our hand (my fav Isaiah 41:10-13) so we’re not alone.  He will never leave us to battle alone.  Plus, we are equipped with the greatest ammo available, the Lord God Almighty’s power, on our side!!

Standing up against evil requires trust, commitment, and wisdom that comes from peace and a whole lot of grace and guidance from the Holy Spirit.  We cannot trust in our own strength and abilities.  I know I can’t. ♥♥  How do we tap into that power? 

Today I fasted and prayed until the Lord gave me the wisdom I was seeking that He promises when we earnestly seek and ask (James 1:5).  God was faithful and knew I was ready to crumble.  The desperation for His reassurance was evident with Him reminding me to be bold, strong Blameless Joshua 1.9and courageous through His beautiful Word found in Joshua 1:7-9, inhale courage, exhale fear, so His plan would be prosperous and successful.

I don’t know about you, but walking by faith and not by sight is easier said than done.  Oftentimes when fear rears its ugly head, I have a tendency to become so consumed by paralysis and disoriented in walking out my faith as to what I believe God has spoken to my heart.  It brings about confusion from all the second guessing.  This is where I have to remember past experiences with God where He claimed victory against a hotel for wrongdoing in their criminal behavior.  My new giants might not be a huge conglomerate, but they’re still evil and require me to step out in faith with action that I do not want to partake.

My blessed girlfriends challenge me to focus on my prior experience in claiming victory; in that it came together solely from the power and workings of the Holy Spirit.  The only thing I can take credit for is peeing my pants because I stood there with bated breath paralyzed in fear as God was performing His miracles and it was either pass out from holding my breath for so long or peeing my pants.  I fall pretty hard, so I surrendered to the latter with great relief :-).

What a beautiful illustration, that since God lives inside of us, we don’t have to freak out and cause more physical harm to our bodies or to the special peeps in our lives that stress causes.  He wants us to be of sound mind and alert so we can make good decisions while knowing He loves us and will help us overcome and navigate through these storms.  The blessings and purpose in being still, along with the benefits of surrounding ourselves with other warriors.  We are to pursue peace; and reading and applying scripture to our lives enables the Holy Spirit to consume our minds so we can walk victoriously with peace.

I am praying for each and every Beloved who is walking through fear right now. There’s a lot of it going on.  We need to lift our holy hands with one another and join in and be in prayer to rebuke this stronghold of evil that wants us held captive and paralyzed in fear.

Until next time…

 Thank you for being Beautiful You!

The Beauty of the Lamb Tammy Tangent Tuesdays

Blameless Lamb 7

Tammy Tangent Tuesdays

The Beauty of the Lamb!

No Ugly Duckling Here

Hello Beautiful!  I pray you’re having a blessed week walking joyfully on those golden stepping stones of realization that have been carefully laid out through every acknowledgement while building your gratitude wall this past week.  It’s that time again; it’s Tammy Tangent Tuesdays!  I pray your tender hearts are able to see the beauty and blessings that abound our lives from last week’s challenge even when life is hard and full of pain!  In case you missed it, just click here:  Gratitude Wall.

Since our Tammy Tangent Tuesdays’ challenges are geared toward us Beautiful Beloveds exclusively until the first of the year, acknowledging that we’re so dearly loved and quite beautiful requires first understanding the beauty that exists in the mind of the Be-Loved and Be-Held.  Once we grasp that concept, this Great Love unleashes a breathtaking love affair that blooms radiance.  The power of this amazing Love is not only unconditional, but it never ceases to satisfy, nurture and cultivate this assurance which opens our eyes to the true beauty looking back at us in the mirror! 

That unbelievable feeling you get when you’re fully known, cherished, pursued, loved and accepted just the way you are!  You’re giddy, you’re alive, you’re even powerful!  Your magnetism draws in and intensifies more love, surrendering that confident step in your glide as Blameless No Ugly Duckling 1you gracefully waltz through this side of heaven with your head held high because you know and believe in the One leading.  No one can put a price tag on that fulfillment, nor can anyone take it away from you.  It’s yours and it’s free!

Oh, how He loves us!!!  When we start seeing ourselves as God sees us; pursued, lovely, pure, beautiful, precious, valued, cherished, and did I say loved (after all, when you’re loved, you’re oh-so-much more than penned words ♥♥), certain behaviors and attitudes develop that everyone is drawn to.  When God’s love truly permeates deep into our hearts and souls, we make room for the natural beauty to bloom and shine. 

Beautiful Beloved, the Lord God Almighty, the Creator of the universe, wants to live in us, yes us, because we’re precious, we’re beautiful, we’re extremely valuable and we have a purpose for His kingdom!  We’re so valuable to Him, He constantly pursues us!  If you ponder those amazing words over and over instead of believing the lies of the enemy that occupy so much space in your neighborhood (your mind) holding you captive, you will walk confidently with the reassurance and affirmation that we constantly seek from others, like men, our children, careers, accomplishments, image, you name it!  We are beautiful just the way we are!

When we realize we have an enormous advocate, our Creator, who designed us not only in His image, but designed us specifically for a relationship with Him because we’re that special and beautiful; when you love someone, you will fight for them!  Trust me, girlfriend, God always, whether we realize it or not, triumphs so let’s let Him in and Be-loved and Be-held!  What do we have to lose anyways? 

Let’s run to the Lord similar to what my granddaughter did when she heard me unlocking the door when I got home.  She ran over to me with tears streaming down her cheeks, with outstretched arms, squealing to be picked up before I could even put my purse and groceries down.  As the groceries crashed to the floor along with my purse and Bible, nothing in the world mattered but my Princess Ella.  The only thing on my mind was that she needed me; to be held tight, loved on, consoled and sang to because she knows me and trusts me. 

She may have needed that extra love, but the blessings and memories she poured into my heart that evening will forever be cherished and keep me smiling; similar to what makes God smile.  God wants to know He is loved and needed, too.  Let’s run to Him with outstretched arms and sing praises of His Greatness as He continues to walk alongside of us while holding our hands; that is what blesses Him!  The beauty of the lamb!

Weekly challenge:  Let’s bless God.  We bless Him by having hearts filled with love, praise, and gratitude.  Let’s lift up holy hands, blessing God by walking confidently in who He says we are and radiating that natural beauty.  Yes, that’s what makes Him happy!  Knowing and believing we are precious, we are beautiful, we are valuable, we have purpose, and that God loves us just the way we are will bless God.  Stand tall, Beautiful; never forget, you’re an heir to the kingdom of God.  Wow, what a privilege!  Your crown is secure; wear it proudly!

Until next time, never forget…

Thank You For Being Beautiful You!


Excuse me… Let’s remove that rather large plank from your own eye while I’m still hanging here!

Blameless Plank in Eye 7

Excuse me… 

You might want to remove that rather large plank from your own eye while I’m still hanging here!!!

You know that feeling, you’re beyond console.  You’re no longer content and purring like a kitty.  Now you’re finding yourself lying in wait for an innocent prey to cross your path so you can devour and consume them!  Every living, breathing thing annoys you.  Between the sound from the constant jeers occupying way too much space in your neighborhood (your mind) to the innocence of laughter coming from the playground at recess, everything and everyone has somehow leeched onto the underpinnings of your emotional and spiritual foundation.  Now all you’re doing is roaring like a tiger and leaping and pouncing on the prey that stands before you. 

You’re tired.  No, more like exhausted.  Life is hard.  People are messy.  Change abounds and relentless demands suck out the very last breath you had been holding onto.  You feel like the hunted, yet your actions simulate a hunter looking to accuse and devour.  You’re judging another’s piece of imperfection while walking around with your own huge plank distorting your framed lenses. 

Everyone has a problem except for you (hello :-).)  You’re demanding they change, yet you’ve failed to realize you’re the one who needs to change because you’re letting their actions affect you.  Life had gotten too heavy again and somehow or another you removed the wrong baggage; you know, you lightened your load by putting your solitude time with God on the backburner.  And here your Bible is screaming, “Open, open, open.”

There’s a reason the Bible tells us in Matthew 7:5 and Luke 6:41-42 about Jesus’ teaching regarding the criticism of others.  Granted, there are times when the actions of others need to be confronted for their wrongdoing, but when we can’t let it go and it starts consuming our every thought and action, bringing about negative amplification, we become self-righteous and judgmental.  Ouch!

I needed this.  The Lord was convicting me.  I had let the doubt and challenges over the sovereignty of God’s protection with future generations consume me.  Every choice and decision I was obediently choosing to make will Blameless Judgmentimpact our future generations.  Walking out our faith is brutally hard at times especially when it requires the severance of strongholds that have afflicted loved ones. 

When everyone and everything started annoying me, I realized how I let the actions of another pollute my tender heart and I needed the cleansing that only the Lord could purify through His grace and tender mercies.  This anger and irritation festering inside of me was wrapping me up into a web of destruction.  The lies of the enemy.  I wanted out of this entanglement again because it was way too hard to walk through.  Even though I knew this suffering would last only for a little while, sojourning this side of heaven was anything but blissful.  My bones became dry and brittle and I was parched!

How could I figure out how to escape victoriously?  First I needed to pray and repent!   After that, I needed to read and surround myself in that beautiful love letter of mine, the Bible, and receive the cleansing and nourishment my soul was craving.  God was awaiting His daughter’s presence so He could purify my soul and speak restoration, blessings and favor back into my life. 

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I wrestle, battle, growl and, yes, even pounce on others because I’m irritated, exhausted, frustrated, feeling used, and want out of the tough path that I am in, and I forget about the valuable resources available that would empower me with the much-needed strength to quench and satisfy my thirst that could only come from the living water Himself; Jesus Christ! 

Where’s my passionate pursuit?  I need to be refueled and restored.  The resistance is killing me.  I know that sounds rather dramatic, but it is intense combating all these flaming arrows while I grow weary in my defense.  My sword becomes dull without the constant sharpening when I am in the midst of intense spiritual battle. 

This is why I focus on what Hebrews 4:12 says, “For the word of God is living and active.  Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.”  God’s Word is powerful and life-changing, and when we become immersed into it, His Word reveals what is inside our tender hearts (good and bad) and speaks through revelation what is festering inside of us.  And since He loves us just the way we are, we don’t have to be afraid being exposed and vulnerable!

The filthiness and decay of my flesh and spirit needs daily, or more like moment by moment, cleansing perfecting His holiness throughout my life this side of heaven.  When I receive this cleansing from being in the presence of God, reading His Word, then my thoughts and feelings promote reactions and actions that lead to peace and blessings.  If we don’t take the time to understand and process what we’re feeling and thinking, then we become judgmental and sinister and blinded to the plank in our own very eye. 

And you know what, I’ll let you in on a secret here; I’m not always right :-).  I am an imperfect Beloved who is Be-held living in an imperfect world and my humble perspective changes and allows my world room to bloom and grow being a Beautiful Beloved!

Oh, don’t worry, I’m still hanging onto that tree branch.  I’m sure there will be many more difficult days in my future where I’ll be ready to pounce and devour, but I can only pray for deliverance on that day and worry about my own plank rather than what is in my brother’s or sister’s eye.  God isn’t through with me yet. ♥♥

Since I don’t want to infect or pounce upon others the way my neighborhood (my mind) is operating at this moment, I am taking a step back, while throwing off everything that hinders and those rose-colored blinders, and remember that the world doesn’t evolve around me.  Well, in my world, it’s ALWAYS ABOUT ME, ME, ME :-).  This helps me to quietly reassure myself of my worth and value and remember that others’ actions and behaviors are their own and there is no place for my own judgment.  I have enough of my own issues to deal with! 

Until next time…

Blameless Plank in Eye 7.1