We Are Beautiful When We Come Together! Tammy Tangent Tuesdays ♥

Blameless Beautiful When We Come Together

Alone We Are Scared, Together We Are Strong!

Be The Reason Somebody Smiles Today

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City In Mourning

As tears poured into Las Vegas late Sunday evening from our loved ones ascending to heaven smoldering the carnage and evil burning throughout this land, one thing is apparent:  We are lacking enough umbrellas in this storm to protect those who are left.  Because evil showed its face, we need love to step in and cover the sorrow from the tragedy and heartache overwhelming precious lives.

We Are Beautiful When We Come Together

Hearing our loved ones and/or friends did not survive this terror or were injured opens the flood gates of Hoover Dam wide open leaving us breathless and drowning in sorrow.  This grim reality enhancing how short life can be is something we all need to ponder and chew on.  And how dare we let those precious lives who were sandwiched between this evil not be grieved and mourned.  Their lives matter!

Lest we forget, “Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow.  What is your life?  You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes (James 4:14). 

For all the victims healing from their injuries and the friends and families who have lost their loved ones due to the hands of evil, our hearts are heavy and we grieve right alongside of you.  I hurt, too!  ♥♥♥

To those we lost, we unite together for strength and build a connecting bridge in our hearts as we grieve this excruciating pain in losing you to heaven.  We want you to know, as a reminder and memorial built around our forever love for you, your tears saying goodbye as you were ushered to heaven will not be shed in vain. 

We promise to take our pain and be the reason that somebody smiles today in honor of your life.  We realize God’s Love is an action, not hate, and that our love for you is moving us into action.  What a grandeur celebration!

Alone We Are Scared, Together We Are Strong!

Lifelong Challenge:  We choose to grieve and then celebrate your precious life by pouring love and life back into others uniting as one.  We are beautiful when we come together and declare we will be an umbrella for another for all the times we cried together; we will be that light in the darkness that mirrors your contagious laughter and joy; we will donate blood in your name so another may live forever with your honor running through their veins; and we will continue to live and walk courageously in life as we cherish your memory that will forever be tucked in the folds of our bleeding hearts. 

Being God’s Umbrella and Rainbow During A Storm!

Be The Reason Somebody Smiles Today

Let it be known that we will confront this sorrow together because alone, we are scared.  Together we are strong, so we will comfort one another with our tears, prayers and presence.  We promise that your life will live on and never be forgotten.  Blameless Rainbow That Keeps GivingThrough smiles, a hug, a touch, a prayer, being present, opening the door, letting others in during traffic, an acknowledgement, buying someone’s coffee or groceries or dinner, just a loving act in honor of your life will be recognized as our tribute to you declaring your life.

There are not enough umbrellas or rainbows in this world right now that could shelter us from the tragedy and heartache that have affected so many.  The tears pouring out of heaven after this tragic Las Vegas massacre requires all of us to come together to shoulder the pain. 

We are a nation in need of grieving to heal.  This is not an appropriate time for your political satire, nor to take anything away from the loss of life in order to bring up this inappropriate debate regarding gun control right now, nor to cast blame politically and/or religiously.

Be The Umbrella That Keeps Radiating Beauty

We are beautiful when we come together.  Let’s offer resiliency and offer hope.  Bringing love and light into a very dark and blue period radiates our Lord.  Blue smileyIt’s truly a time to come together, offer hope, grieve together, bring peace and decide now to include unity, to believe it, to support it, and to walk in love as we get rid of division while bringing faith and love back into our communities.

Every life matters and stepping out together through love outside of our comfort zones stomps the evil.  We can’t give up and let hate rule.  When we all come together and link arms, you won’t find a stronger wall built around and interlinked together to stomp and crush evil underneath our feet.  Where there is hate, Love more.

Jesus is weeping over our sorrows and He is capturing every tear and placing them into a bottle.  Christianity can no longer hide in darkness.  We are called to be a light, to stand out and not blend in, and bring love, hope and peace to a world that is so in need of our Lord’s Great Love! 

Only God’s peace has the power to usher in healing.  It’s time to share the love, bring unity into our communities, and realize we need each other! 

Until next time…

Thank You For Being Beautiful You

Enjoy Mandisa’s appropriate song for this tragedy “We All Bleed The Same“. 


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