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Beloved daughter of Almighty God determined to leave a legacy of love through the realm of advocacy in being a "Voice" for those who have lost theirs through the imprisonment of abuse, abandonment, addiction, neglect and violence all in the name of Jesus. The way I see it, there is no shame in our game; Jesus is His name! I love the Lord with all my heart and soul and want to help other beloveds cleave to and press into the Lord to know what it's like to be truly loved! The worth and value is overwhelming; be-loved and be-valued and be-healed! This is why I started a religious 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization called Blameless and Forever Free Ministries. Bringing unity within our communities through relationships and outreach events is just as important to me as sharing the love of Christ with women; which is why I designated Tuesdays to Tammy Tangent Tuesdays. These are weekly challenges to stimulate community involvement and to bring unity within! Received my B.S. in Religion, with a minor in church ministries, and forever working towards my Master's of Divinity! And I'm Grammy Tammy; doing everything backwards! :-)

Blameless and Forever Free Ministries Worshiping In Truth and Spirit

It’s Coming…

Worshiping in Truth and Spirit!

Can You Feel It?

Loving to such a degree that you’re overwhelmed by joy. Looking at the sky with its majestic undertones and purity of whispering clouds gliding as free souls, the Creator paints reflections of my own heart and soul through each stroke of the brush.

New beginnings are arising…

Covering me with peace and comfort, the shackles that once were so restricting, tightly bound around my ankles and wrists, no longer hinder me. My arms lift in childlike wonder as I release the bondage of grief and guilt slipping through my fingertips. The innocence surrounding my smile matches the breeze gently caressing my face.

It is well…

This freedom in allowing the golden hues of sand to tease my toes and slip through my fingertips become the most glorious gift God could offer. Freedom in surrendering all. Even the dry places that are saturated with minuscule annoyances. Each lingering grain of sand can’t attack my thoughts. Instead they proclaim:

Annoyances are now Assurances

My strength is found in the presence of my Lord’s endless love!

My mind ponders simple scripture found in Psalm 139:17-18, How precious are your thoughts about me, O Lord, how vast is their sum! If I were to count them, they would outnumber the grains of sand beneath my feet. When I awake, I am still with You.

Rays of the glorious sunset brought a frisson of anticipation to my heart as the day concluded. My heart received the meaning of the peace that surpasses all knowledge. It is well...

Whenever my busy thoughts are out of control, the soothing comfort of your presence calms me down and overwhelms me with delight (Psalm 94:19).

Thank you, Jesus! My heart is overwhelmed with joy as my soul rests and receives the freedom that is on every horizon. That is what worshiping in truth and spirit offers!

Until next time…

Come Dance With Me as We Just Be!

Blameless and Forever Free WeMatter2

“Help, We Matter2”

Blameless and Forever Free WeMatter2

What Happens In Jail Doesn’t Stay In Jail!

“Help, We Matter2”

A handwritten sign posted in one of the windows at Cook County Jail by beloveds in custody stating, “HELP, WE MATTER2.”  This was from early April, 2020 (Jim Vondruska/Reuters/New York Times).

Inmates bringing attention to inhumane conditions inside a jail hung this sign in the window begging for help in response to two inmates who contracted COVID-19 at Cook County Jail and “were placed in ISOLATION CELLS after testing positive.”  

Isolation cells? For contracting a virus that kills, came in from the outside, and needs constant medical attention? These precious lives matter just like yours and mine.

Because these prisoners contracted COVID-19 and officials felt isolating them in cells of hell instead of adequately taking medical measures would somehow keep this beast of a disease from spreading! 

Makes no sense, I know.

Our detention facilities are reservoirs of infection.

According to data compiled by The New York Times, Cook County Jail is now “the nation’s largest-known source of coronavirus infections.” 

Dehumanizing living, breathing life is no way to treat sick incarcerated beloveds, and this is often what our prisoners are subjected to.

Fighting to improve conditions along with bringing awareness to our nation’s prisons, detention centers and jails reflect what is happening inside and impacts society while lifting up the voices of those silenced.  

Every life matters!  Mass incarceration is not the answer and neither is isolation.  Prioritizing equality of empathy should be our number one focus. 

From prison to community!

What happens in our jails doesn’t stay in jail. Cesspool of infection. We have to pray for and pay attention to all the health needs of our detained beloveds and our correctional staff; otherwise, we will become haunted like Southern California. 

As the virus gets in our detention centers and prisons, it doesn’t discriminate and wipes out our ability to control it while claiming lives. This pandemic cannot be ignored because our prisons are filled with beloveds whose lives matter too, and they are part of our community.

According to California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, reporting as of May 13, 2020, California Institution for Men (CIM) is reported as having 324 confirmed cases of incarcerated beloveds contracting COVID, 50 staff members infected, and now 5 deaths, totaling 379 and still increasing; and California State Prison, Los Angeles County (LAC) is reported with having 94 incarcerated infected along with 42 staff members infected totaling 136. 

These are just the leading two of many cesspool prisons in Southern California and increasing daily. 

As a medical expert announced, “Part of our mistake is to think that these places, jails and prisons, aren’t part of the community.”

The lives of our incarcerated and our correctional staff matter and they are just as important as yours and mine. 

Wouldn’t you agree?

Just because the prison I’m affiliated with, Folsom State Prison, has done an amazing job containing this beast of infection with the infected staff doesn’t mean other prisons aren’t suffering.  The numbers state quite the contrary.

Our communities mean all lives matter!


Until next time…

Blameless and Forever Free Ministries 2 Tim. 4:16