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Our Presence and Purpose is Powerful!

Our Presence and Purpose is Powerful!

1 John 4:7

When we love one another, we remember we are not fighting for just ourselves, but we are fighting for humanity that the Word calls for in 1 John 4:7.

Did you know that, according to one Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report, which surveyed adults across the U.S. in late June of 2020, 31% of respondents reported some form of mental health care symptoms and are in need of proper mental health treatment?

And with the largest mental health institution in the United States being our prison system, the sobering number of unmet mental health needs is heartbreaking.

The beloveds that Blameless and Forever Free Ministries pours into may be imprisoned and/or recently released from state prison, but the connective tissue of true rehabilitation is in the transforming of one’s mind requiring relational community.

Every individual who has been incarcerated has a great need for appropriate mental health care treatment both during their incarceration and once released back into community.

Let’s face it, if you’ve committed a crime, there’s trauma behind it.

And to love one another, forgiveness is necessary (not negating the crime) along with meeting them right where they are at developmentally.

Building healthy individuals and families should be our number one priority so we have a fighting chance at safer communities and developing healthy generations.  

Future generations, meaning YOUR children and your children’s children, are being formed this very moment and what those little eyes see and hear now matters.

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Blameless and Forever Free Ministries and Chaplain Tammy believe by the time a crime is committed and a victim is harmed, the root causes of the crime may have occurred long ago. D.A. Kevin Barton

By The Time A Crime Is Committed And A Victim Is Harmed, The Root Causes Of The Crime May Have Occurred Long Ago! -D.A. Kevin Barton

By The Time A Crime Is Committed And A Victim Is Harmed, The Root Causes Of The Crime May Have Occurred Long Ago!

-D.A. Kevin Barton

We can’t solve the problem of violence against girls and women without also addressing violence against boys and men.

And our prisons are filled with wounded souls that need healing. This requires connection, community, compassion and safe places for healing to begin.

Ready or not, 95% of our incarcerated residents will be released as our neighbor!

Sexual Assault Against Boys Is A Crisis

It’s far more common than we think. Below are a couple of great articles shedding light as to why we don’t talk about it. It’s far more pervasive than we think.

Discussions regarding sexual violence against boys and men need not be uncomfortable and awkward, but it will require honest, open and transparent communications that require listening and engagement.

I share, taking 15 minutes of time invested in this reading will save souls, maybe even the lives of our own future children, their children and/or our grandchildren.

Sexual violence against boys is far more common than we think. And since Sundays seem to be the perfect day Blameless lays out and exposes hard issues, we’ll continue because our sons, grandsons and future generations, heck ALL BOYS and MEN for that matter, are invaluable members of the Body of Christ and when they’re being attacked, we need to have the courage to stand in the gap with them.

Jesus wants our eyes open through the lens of love and Sabbath days are perfect days to chew on tough matters. If we want to raise boys differently, we must start believing that they are equally capable of feeling pain AND doing violence.

Just reading these couple articles will help empower awareness and shed light to toxic stress, trauma, the reality of our dark culture, and open up a dialogue exposing behaviors of generational household dysfunction that would even think that hazing and bullying are acceptable behaviors, much less without also addressing violence against men and boys.

This is why Blameless and Forever Free Ministries is now adding the incarcerated families to our curriculum to work through some household dysfunctional issues with the residents at Folsom State Prison because there’s an intergenerational link tied to the revolving door of our lives that needs addressing and exposure to sever the strongholds.

After all, there is no shame in our game; Jesus is His Name! And in order to receive healing, we must name it and that requires intention.

The article below is from the Washington Post and it sheds so much light as to why we don’t want to talk about matters concerning boys and men in being sexually violated and how and why we need to engage in these tough questions and conversations.

👉 https://www.washingtonpost.com/magazine/2021/02/22/why-we-dont-talk-about-sexual-violence-against-boys-why-we-should/?arc404=true

I only hope and pray you’ll take the time to look through the lens of trauma and compassion when looking at others that are different from us.

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Blameless and Forever Free Ministries and Chaplain Tammy believe that love softens traumatic memories. Memories of being loved that we can access or create help us tolerate suffering. It all comes down to love.