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Being the Hands of God Tammy Tangent Tuesdays

 Tammy Tangent Tuesdays

Being the Hands of God!

Hello beautiful!  I pray you’re having a great week so far.  It’s that time again, it’s Tammy Tangent Tuesdays!!!  I don’t know about you, but I believe we all need someone who will reach out and help strengthen us as we sojourn through this life; whether it’s given through a sprinkling of love from a simple smile, a hug, a tender touch, precious time, or that much-needed encouragement. 

Have you ever wondered what being the hands and feet of God is like?  I admittedly never thought much of the impact until a girlfriend shared this beautiful song with me called “Being the Hands of God” by Francesca Battistelli.  It is amazing the blessings that loving others the way God asks us to signifies.  It just resonated so deeply within my heart the significance and import that simple and random acts of kindness offer through healing Blameless Hands of God 6and is a key to unlocking the doors of heaven here on earth while bringing unity back into our churches and communities. 

We all need to love and be loved; so simple, yet somehow or another we’ve lost this delicate art!  War and division seem so much easier than to just love others.  This song illustrates beautifully the importance in being the hands and feet of God (1 Corinthians 12:14-24 and Romans 12:4-8) and is exactly what the body of Christ was designed and meant to do; reaching out and pouring love into others; therefore, revealing who Jesus Christ is.  “Every time you reach out, I can feel His love so near.  I hope you know to me you are the hands of God.”  This amazing song with lyrics can be listened here: 

Blameless Hands of God 2.2Just knowing that reaching out and loving on another Beautiful Beloved through simple encouragement and an easy gesture was considered being the hands of God, it just inspires me to continue sharing and pouring out the love of Christ.  We are all in this together, and we need each other to weather the storms in life, and it takes just a few minutes to tell someone you love them and appreciate them; offering a shoulder to cry on; the touch of a hand; a card saying “I love you and appreciate you”; a simple token of “I’m sorry, please forgive me”; flowers “Just because”; these random acts of love and thoughtfulness radiate the sunshine and growth that keeps us blossoming into the Beautiful Beloveds God designed and created us to be. 

Blameless Hands of God 4.4No matter how hard our own lives are, blessing others with simple deposits of love not only sprinkle blessings and affirmation onto the recipient, it creates an atmosphere that takes our minds off of self and pity and unites and knits together woven strands of love that are so strong, they can break down the walls of division and spread the love of Jesus that only the transforming power can accomplish and conquer.  We are here to encourage one another through love.  All lives are messy and need help from time to time; and when we reach out, pull up and share our lives with another through love and service, we are being the hands and feet of God.

Weekly Challenge:  Since Jesus reaches down to us and meets us where we are so He can heal our bleeding hearts, let’s start emulating His life by using His power that exists in our own hands.  I don’t know about Blameless Hands of God 5.5you, but I want to utilize the hands of God that extends to everyone I cross paths with, whether I know them or not, and leave a deposit of love on their life!

Let’s take the time this week to reflect on the fact that we have the privilege in being loved and to love, along with the privilege of time right here and right NOW!!!  With that understanding, this will usher in the time to be friendly!  Say hi, smile, make eye contact, pray over, hand a flower to, open the door for someone and radiate that Beautiful You without hastily rushing by others without much thought or concern.  This is such a simple start in unleashing the power in being the hands of God!  Together we can make a difference!  With no guarantees of tomorrow, never forget:

Thank you for being Beautiful You!

Blameless Hands of God 1.1

Any Flower Will Do; Thank You! ♥ Tammy Tangent Tuesdays

Blameless Just Because Beautiful You 1.1

Tammy Tangent Tuesdays!

Hello, Beautiful!  I pray you’re having a great week so far.  It’s that time again, it’s Tammy Tangent Tuesdays!!!  When the manager from WalMart shared and thanked me the other day for pouring blessings into her life with the flowers months ago, I felt it was time again to spread the love throughout our communities with flowers.  “Any flower will do; thank you!”  So this weekly challenge is to spread the beauty throughout our communities with flowers “Just because…”  Everybody loves flowers and they brighten up lives!

I challenge all of us this week to go out and share the beauty and joy that simple flowers bring.  Let’s show the world by sharing how a simple gesture of handing a stranger or someone we don’t know well with flowers or even just attaching them to a car’s windshield or your neighbor’s front door.  Just think of the joy that will be illuminated across the world and bring a smile to someone that will pay it forward with their joy resulting in the domino effect!  And we all know, when mamas are happy, everyone’s happy!  ♥♥

Blameless Flowers Beauty in the Bunch 1

I challenge all of us to go out this week and buy a bunch of flowers, $4, $5 a bunch (and if finances are tight, buy one flower or cut one from your own beautiful garden ♥♥) and attach an anonymous note that just states:

“Just because……. Thank you for being Beautiful You!  Pay it Forward.”

Find that neighbor that you don’t know and drop them off on their porch, give them to your pharmacist, a nurse, your barista, or the cashier of any Blameless Smile Reasonretail establishment, or how about that waitress that serves you.  You will be amazed at the reactions to what people say and do and remember!  Let’s get back to the innocence and purity of childlike motives and conduct; flowers bring such joy and sunshine that radiate even the darkest recesses. That smile and reaction will bring joy to a darkened world.  Come on, let’s emulate and spread the love of Jesus to a world that needs a bright spot.  We are all a part of our communities, a member of the body of Christ, and act as His feet and His love!  This is a byproduct that reflects and radiates the fruit of our spirit; love, joy, kindness and goodness, to name just a few ♥♥ (Galatians 5:22).

Share this post on your FB page and let’s get this circulated.  Every time you receive a bunch of flowers, take one flower and give it to someone else. I would love to hear how this simple token of love is brightening up others’ lives!

“Embrace that beauty within you and let it shine!!! Remember, we may be different in color, shape and style, but without each other, there is no beauty in the bunch!!!” ~ Tammy Ingram

Blameless Flowers Bunch

Have a beautiful week, Beloved!  

Thank you for being Beautiful You!

Blameless Just Because Beautiful You 1.1

Tammy Tangent Tuesdays – The Hot, Hot, Hot 3 C’s Girls Club!

Psstt… Have you heard?

Blameless Girls 3 C's 1.1

There’s a new Girls Club in Town! 

It’s HOT, HOT, HOT and it’s ruled by the 3 C’s!

Blameless 3 C's

Hello Beautiful!  I pray you’re having a blessed week so far enjoying life this side of heaven.  It’s that time again; it’s Tammy Tangent Tuesdays!  This weekly challenge costs you nothing but change and the freedom it brings through being H-O-T, H-O-T, H-O-T, you’re going to wonder how you’ve lived without it! 

Blameless 3 C's 1.1Connect † Celebrate † Contribute

If you dare to be hot, dare to care, have the courage, and are willing to be challenged, then I welcome you to an environment to connect, to celebrate, and to contribute!  Yes, this community is solely focused on celebrating the Beautiful Beloveds God designed us girls to be while bringing unity back into our communities.  It started all the way back to the early church formation reflected in the Book of Acts and somehow or another it got buried and forgotten.  After much digging and cleaning of the musty-dusty dark corners, the treasures of Acts 2:42-47 emerged!

Extra, extra, read all about it!!!  Today’s Headlines:  The girls are coming to town and they’re sizzlin’ hot!  I don’t care how old we are, young or old, we are all looking for a place to connect and belong, a safehaven and atmosphere that offers us acceptance in embracing the Beautiful Beloveds that God so intricately designed that is anything but boring when it is based on treasured darlings who believe in the H-O-T, H-O-T, H-O-T community: Being honest, open, and transparent!!!

H ~ Honest

O ~ Open

T ~ Transparent

As Neichelle Guidry reminds us, “If you are going to seek the kingdom of God — you must overcome your addiction to comfort.”  The only way we can embrace all that God has in store for us is our willingness to change through being H-O-T!!!  The Bible never said living a life in being a Beautiful Beloved would be dull and boring, quite the contrary; God said it would be an exciting journey filled with joy and blessings if only we would approach each and every day with great expectation.  This can be accomplished through the richness that relationships with others can bring while bringing Him glory.  There’s so much life to live this side of heaven; it’s time to embrace it while shedding off the old!

I don’t know about you, Beautiful Beloved, but I dare you to care enough to take on the challenge in being the courageous Beloved God designed you to be.  Then you’ll be able to live by the 3 C’s rule which will allow you to connect, celebrate, and contribute to our communities all the while knowing just how Beautiful and Hot you were designed and created to be!

Come on, I dare you to take on the challenge to…….

Connect, Celebrate, Contribute

Acts 2:42-47

While Being Hot!

This challenge is for the courage to care and to change!

We all have a choice to express caring through the courage and challenge to make changes in our character and conduct through the celebration of contributing and connecting.  Phheeeewww… that’s a lot of C’s!  Let’s make it our weekly challenge this week by starting the 3 C’s Club in being H-O-T by connecting, celebrating and contributing with those in our communities.  Let’s celebrate it by expressing at least “three encouraging words” a day through courage and kindness.  Encouragement breeds beautiful change!

We need each other to share our lives through honesty, openness and transparency; how else are we going to learn how to be better and stronger at being who God designed us girls, women, friends, daughters, moms, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, you name it, to be!  We need each other!  We need the wise to share their experiences of failure and victory; otherwise, where will the youth learn from.  How about the value that the younger generation brings through their innocence and purity, it can sure teach us old dogs a few new tricks found in the secret joy of great expectations.  Their gift of technological savviness and their unprecedented determination for justice is needed!  We all contribute to the successful unity within our communities.  When we make the decision to connect with a pure heart, humility and conviction, then we’re able to celebrate and contribute to other people’s lives.  That’s what the gospel is all about; loving through H-O-T relationships.

Let’s start opening our tender and bleeding hearts to God’s direction.  We need each other and two are better than one; and three is definitely not a crowd, it is a community!  Where there is community and care, we are able to contribute by sharing our testimonies of great strength and desires and then our connections will turn into great communities of celebration!

Thank You For Being Beautiful You!

Blameless Ballet 3.11

Dancing Bones Tammy Ingram Founder

Ezekiel 37:1-14 ~ Dancing Bones

Blameless Dancing Bones 7

Dry Bones Syndrome?

How did we get here?  Who taught us to behave the way we do?  Why are our churches filled with dry bones?  No wonder the rats are scurrying about with the slightest reflection of light.  How can we speak life back into the body of Christ?  We have resorted to the complacency of the Dry Bones Syndrome that Ezekiel 37 talks about.  With it being so easy to claim life back into those bones through the power and authority of what the gospel is all about, you know, what Jesus Christ accomplished on the cross at Calvary, why are our bones still dead and not dancing? 

Philippians 4:13I don’t know about you, even though I have kicked and screamed a few thousand times myself, I have made a decision to allow the Lord to restore my dried up bones back to life and engage in the Dancing Bones community.  (This is probably why you will find me dancing just about everywhere these days ).  The Dancing Bones community is what the Body of Christ comes together for; to bring back life through healing and to restore the soul through love and acceptance in being who you REALLY ARE!!! 

We are living under this perception that our congregations are meant for us to visit while hiding behind these false pretenses of facades we spend so much time constructing instead of spending that time embracing who and what we are by learning together what it’s like to apply these principles which make up the gospel.  God did not design you to run from being the Beautiful You you really are!  None of us are perfect, and I am so grateful for that, being the imperfect person I am.  How can this community happen, though, when you arrive late so you don’t have to talk to anybody and then you’re the first to leave, or you completely ignore others by keeping your head down or looking forward with tunnel vision?  What are you hiding from or behind?  This is what we receive through community, the knowledge and wisdom found through connecting with each other and contributing to being one of the many (1 Corinthians 12:12-27) while being united together: the definition of the gospel!  Please do not rob me of the blessings in getting to know you (it is all about me, you know ), you have needed value to share!

I have been on a journey the past couple of years on a quest to find out what exactly it means to be a Christian woman because what I was sadly witnessing and finding throughout our churches did not mirror with what the Bible proclaims.  Since a lot of Christians were living out lives that were quite contrary to Biblical doctrine once they left their congregational walls, I explored all possible avenues of what it means to look like a Christian woman. 

Blameless Dancing Bones 7We are taught about what it means to be a Christian and how to obtain salvation and eternal life, but what about the qualities and characteristics that are supposed to exist in being a Christian woman.  Nobody taught me what my roles and responsibilities were as a Godly woman claiming the inheritance of the kingdom of God amongst a dark and evil world, so I sought out through higher education and the Spirit’s guidance, along with teaching many age groups of women and listening to real-life stories of women in ministry, to find out what would make my God, Almighty God, happy!  Let me say one thing, isolation and being someone you’re not is not the answer.  Not only is it deceptive, but it robs you and others of your presence, your story and your life!

If we’ve had life spoken over and into us, like how God restored the dried bones back to life in Ezekiel 37, shouldn’t we be representatives that speak to the truth, the power and the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ through the transforming power of our very own lives?  Sadly, we have hindered the gospel’s meaning through the division that exists in the body of Christ!  What happened to connecting, celebrating, caring, and contributing to what is spoken about in Acts 2:42-47? 

The success of the gospel has been

hindered by division!

It appears somewhere down the road we have strayed away from the Biblical definition of the traditional family roles and values.  We wonder why society is the way it is.  I know I have done my fair share in life to corrupt society, but I take my responsibilities seriously now with being a daughter of Christ and what the gospel proclaims, so I want to leave a legacy that promotes those beliefs, no matter how hard it is or the persecution I encounter living it out to the best of my ability through the grace given me. 

The number one challenging characteristic that I found through all women in general, not just Christian ones and I am including myself in this pact, is our cattiness behavior and how we’re either too afraid to love or be loved on because of “prior hurts” or “fear of rejection” or this “mean-girl victim” mentality.  One thing that is adamantly clear is that we all need to be rebuilt again that only the Lord can accomplish.  I am not saying this to be mean or ugly, I am only being honest.  Us women are doing quite a disservice to our Lord and each other through the conditions of our hearts and minds, and major artery surgery needs to be performed by the Great Physician in order to heal our bleeding hearts so we can bring unity back into our communities.

Blameless Dancing Bones 8These past years, the Lord has led me on a journey to see firsthand the condition of the hearts and minds of many Beautiful Beloveds. I have watched leaders set up other leaders just to get ahead, I have watched the hurt from deceitful words, and I’ve also witnessed walls of isolation being built around many tender hearts because we just don’t understand our value and worth in Christ.  That’s really no one’s fault but our very own; it’s our responsibility to engage in a relationship with the Lord.  Our relationship with the Lord is mirrored through our earthly relationships.  If we don’t engage in beautiful and trusting relationships with others while being ourselves, then that’s indicative of our relationship with God.  He loves us just the way we are, so Blameless Dancing Bones 8why are we struggling in coming to the throne of God being ourselves?   That’s why we need each other, totally exposed and vulnerable, so we can help encourage and exhort one another; that’s what the Bible says.  That requires people who will care, connect, celebrate and contribute.

The only way we can allow the Lord to bring life back into our dried and brittle bones is to open up our Bibles and study the beautiful Words that are there for us to engage in and apply the principles that it teaches.  How else are we going to be romanced with the greatest love affair available to mankind if we don’t engage in a daily relationship with God?  He loves us just the way we are and He just wants us to tap into that life-giving power that resides through the beauty of the written Word.  He just wants a little of Blameless Dancing Bones 9our time to say hello!  This is the only way healing can begin to bring the unity back alive in our congregations that the Spirit so eagerly awaits to pour out!  There is responsibility with claiming that inheritance and that love should drive us to cleave into our loving daddy’s arms.  Once that occurs, the Spirit of Truth will restore our old, dead bones and get us dancing again.

Let’s Embrace Who God

Designed Us To Be!

Thank You For Being

Beautiful You!

Blameless Fearfully and Wonderfully Made 1

Tammy Tangent Tuesdays ~ Listen Romans 5:6-8

Blameless Learning 1.1

Tammy Tangent



Hello Beautiful!  I pray you’re having a great week so far!  It’s that time again, it’s Tammy Tangent Tuesdays!  This weekly challenge is one that requires intent and resolve to be brave enough to listen to the needs being spoken through the magical blessings received during silence.  It’s called listening. 

L – i – s – t – e -n

Do you hear what I hear?  I don’t know about you, but listening often requires a whole lot of grace along with a huge roll of duct tape!  In order to help bring unity back into our communities, we owe it to ourselves and others to stay engaged and live in the moment without adding our own preconceived notions into the conversation along with the interference that our multitasking skills are presenting.  We are missing the teardrops through the words spoken, the anger behind every pause, and the shame and guilt reflected by the bowed heads.  According to Tammy Ingram (yes, that’s me!), an important acronym to ponder for the word “listen” is:

Learning In Silence To Embrace Needs

If only we’ll lose our own agendas and listen without being engaged in our own neighborhoods (our brains), we could learn so much more through the attention of eye contact, the quivering lips, or even processing their words through the tone and animation.  When we are present in the moment and not preoccupied with other distractions that are vying for our attention, we won’t rob ourselves or the other person of valuable insight into the story lines of their hearts which reveal so much more when we are focused and silent!  What a person speaks will not only offer understanding, but the silence of our interruptions or opinions and control will announce to the other person that we care and keep the conversation fluid and not rushed!

Listening can be magical; it paints a story right before our very eyes of the hearts of those who are daring to share.  If the conversation seems to be overly critical and judgmental, let’s silence and shield our hearts and minds long enough to see through the pain before reacting to embrace the state of their soul and realize that is something self-destructing the other person.  As author Jonalyn Fincher wrote, to speak life and grace over their soul is to ask them, “Is that how you talk to yourself?”  What a merciful way to look beyond the harsh words spewing from a hurting person and to enable them to see beyond their own demons while graciously extending love and compassion.

Let’s try and engage with the people who surround and enter our worlds by remembering the benefits of listening so we can see through each others’ messes and forgo the instantaneous demands of an immediate cleanup.  This initiates the love of Christ and promotes unity!  Jesus doesn’t wait for us to clean up our lives, He loves us just the way we are.  That’s the powerful message of Romans 5:6-8 explaining why Jesus died on the cross because He knew we could not save ourselves.  Let’s remember that we are His feet and His hands and His mouth so we can bring unity back into our communities through love requiring communication gained through listening! 

I pray this weekly challenge permeates our tender hearts and souls by reminding us to just take some time in being silent as we listen for the needs being spoken!  Have a blessed week, Beautiful Beloved!

Thank You For Being Beautiful You!

Blameless Learning 1.1

Do You Have My Back?

Blameless Unknown No FearThere’s no need to pay attention to what is behind you; I have your back!  Just trust me as you take a hold of my hand and enjoy the scenery while you sojourn through the unknown.  The path ahead may look quite unstable, but when your mind is focused on the author and perfecter of your story, it makes the outlook of the journey exciting!

Do You Have My Back?

Blameless Joshua 1.9Have you ever come to a place where you’re thrust against a corner acknowledging your passions through your own character flaws and traits that were announced loudly by your actions when you contemplate, “Hey, she has my back”?  I don’t know about you, but when we’re fighting all these battles, are we even realizing who has our backs no matter the cost?  Do we have each others’ backs when ugliness rears its ugly head?  And I’m talking about when we’re less than perfect, too, you know, where we’re all imperfect beings!  Man oh man, did I blow it the other night!!!  But man oh man, I want a rematch! 

One of my girlfriends had purchased a new vehicle and she was feeling good about the color she chose.  I don’t care who you talk to, but a new outfit, much less a new vehicle, gives us this sense of accomplishment and makes us feel good about ourselves and gives us that extra jolt of confidence and skip in our step.  She posted a great photograph and comment about feeling good about the advice from her mother about the color she chose on her Facebook page.  It was reciprocated with congratulatory remarks and words of excitement until one man made a sexiest comment about looking beautiful in “nothing at all.” 

You know, many did not even notice the comment or give much thought to it, but I took great offense to this man’s comment and how we seem to have become desensitized by the subtlety of sexual innuendos in our society today through our communications, not to mention the degradation of us Beautiful Beloveds.  It’s almost like society has accepted that women are objects for the eye’s stimulation and imagination only instead of being esteemed and embraced.  Women were not created to be these sexual creatures that are objects of stimulation while being gawked at or viewed solely for bringing forth sexual pleasure.  Women were created to be valued for the worth God designed us to be which is worthy of all respect and praise, right? 

Phew….. do you see where my passion lies?  Mix that passion with exhaustion and ugly comments, herein lies the battleground!

I took great offense to this man’s comment and went on the attack like a roaring lion.  Unfortunately, though, with the eyes of a tiger, I behaved ravenously instead of graciously.  Talk about leaving me feeling like I was Blameless Mirror Frightcarrying the whole world in my heavy heart.  Even though my girlfriend appreciates me having her back, the battleground should have been handled differently, especially since it wasn’t mine, it was the Lord’s.  The disconnect that is so disturbing, though, is aren’t we supposed to have each others’ backs to begin with?  Sometimes we become uncomfortable with certain suggestive dialogue and we just shrug it off because it’s typical societal jargon and social media bullying, but that’s where we need to start stepping in by saying, “Wait a minute, that’s unacceptable behavior.”  It doesn’t need a dissertation quite like what I presented, but we all need to start calling people out on their disrespectful comments to one another!

I don’t know about all y’all (that southern girl coming out! ha, San Diego girl) but I demand and command respect knowing who God says I am.  When I start seeing others crossing over those boundary lines, I just can’t let its ugliness continue.  Now, granted, I didn’t exactly behave appropriately.  I went for the jugular because his subtly was obnoxiously apparent and offensive to me, I went in for the kill and latched on more like a pit bull.  I have repented and apologized, and I will try much harder the next time to bring awareness through more love than bite.  We need to vocalize and rebuke comments that are bullying and aggressive and demeaning in nature, especially on social media, because ignoring its presence is construing it as acceptable behavior.

Blameless Unknown No Fear 1When we start to see ourselves as God sees us: pure, beautiful, precious, cherished, valued and loved; certain behaviors and attitudes coming from the people surrounding our world starts to become offensive to us in ways that never even made us question before; with good reason.  The Lord allowed a season of significant change in my own life by removing the familiar and unhealthy, including friendships, to show me what it’s like to live in His Promised Land being surrounded by amazing people!  With understanding my worth and value now in being a Beautiful Beloved, encountering the ways of this world, the wicked and evil thoughts that are holding and equating women captive to nothing more than mere sexual objects for fanatical pleasure, I lose my mind to these pathetic gestures, literally. 

Next time I pray I will react differently, but I found that we don’t have to stand down and be subjected to this ugliness by cowering in a corner.  Women need to stand up boldly and courageously for each other and have each others’ backs; that’s one of the luxuries in being adopted into the body of Christ and what having friends are for.  If someone is going to say something in a “public forum” on social media for the whole world to see, then it is up to us not to succumb to the threats in rebuking it.

I may have a long way to go before I become holy in my conduct and speech, but my moral compass and values have changed drastically and I will stand up and be the voice that engages in battle for my sisters with the sharpest sword.  This is why I surround myself with nothing but awesomeness; iron sharpens iron (Proverbs 27:17)!  Let my humility be a gentle reminder as to why we need to get dressed daily with our spiritual armor so we can take our stand against the devil’s schemes, digging deep into the soil so we’re able to firmly stand our ground, while being equipped with the belt of truth buckled around our waists while holding up our shields of faith so we can extinguish the enemy’s flaming arrows (ugly defaming words). This will bless us with the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit (Ephesians 6:13-18).

I wish I could change the way in which I reacted to the ugly spewing comments, because I want to glorify my Lord, not reject Him, but I learned graciously.  Let’s be prepared at all times with gentleness and respect like 1 Peter 3:15 cautions us because the enemy will strike when we’re least prepared and exhausted, so we can have our sisters’ backs 24/7.  It takes a bold and courageous Beloved to stand her ground and announce that it’s not okay for women to be treated as anything less than the Beautiful Beloveds God says we are!

Beautiful Beloved, I have your back!

Tammy Tangent Tuesdays ♥ Dare to Share and Care

Blameless Beautiful You

Dare to Share & Care!

Hello Beautiful!  I pray you’re having a blessed week so far.  It’s that time Blameless Flower 6.6again; it’s Tammy Tangent Tuesdays!!!  This weekly challenge is easy, yet so powerful, it’s the clearest and most effective way we can share and express our beautiful beliefs this side of heaven:  Love through the words of encouragement and affirmation!

I pray a lot of you received the blessings and freedom found through the power of forgiveness from last week’s challenge.  I know I did; with a lot of purging, praising, and praying!  One thing I heard from some of you was that a lot of apologizing was going on, too!  What a healing testimony of the power of prayer and grace!  Thank Blameless Flower 8.8you for sharing the beauty in claiming victory through your stories and emails.  That’s the purpose behind what Tammy Tangent Tuesdays signifies, trying to stimulate unity back into our communities through loving on one another as we dare to share and care!  We need each other to flourish and beauty truly thrives in bunches. 

Since we’re dealing with lives that are messy, our actions and reactions tend to create environments that are anything short of bursts of fuel leading to love and restoration.  I know I don’t have it all together and life is really hard at times, so simple tokens of love and recognition often brightens the navigation through the densest fog so we can see the beauty that lies ahead!  There is nothing more beautiful or better than authentic love daring to share and care! ♥♥  May we never forget, we are all under construction this side of heaven!  Plus, we learn and experience what it’s like to tap into the deep well of living water; you know, that mother struggling to hear good news about her child or that wife who longs for intimacy, simple words of acknowledgement will weave and infuse love into that pain and loneliness!

Blameless Bloom 1

I don’t know about you, but have you ever heard of anyone complaining about being loved on or encouraged too much?  ♥♥♥ There’s just not enough time to share and pour out our love on each other or to even receive too much love!  Everyone we encounter is either arriving, thriving or surviving; and sadly, the majority of Beloveds are just surviving.  ♥♥♥  When we dare to share and care, we are sprinkling love that nourishes the soil (our hearts) for us to grow and bloom where God has planted us.  This is done through the tender care and nourishment that love promotes.

Blameless Flowers Bunch 11What an easy and effective way to spread some love to those close and near to your heart, along with those you don’t really know well, like your neighbor or pastor’s wife or even your child’s teacher, and just tell them how beautiful they are and how much you appreciate them for their life, their service, their dedication, or for just being the beautiful selves that they are!  We all love to hear how beautiful we are; I know I sure do!!!  ♥♥♥  I pray we never forget how beautiful and unique we all are and how our lives contribute to the beauty of the bunch!  Beauty is only skin deep!

This week’s community outreach challenge is: 

Pick a handful of Blameless Beautiful You 3people and send them an email, a card, or even a text that tells them how much you love them and thank them for being beautiful, just because!  Heck, just click on one of the flower pictures and tag it and spread the love of beauty.  Let’s start spreading some love and cheer around our communities.  What a great way to brighten lives!  There’s never enough time and love to share with others.  Let’s love more.  All we need is a little more love.  Try something new; spread the cheer of love!  ♥♥♥  Most of all, Beautiful Beloved, never forget,  Love Never Fails (1 Cor. 13:8).

Never Forget

Blameless Beautiful You