Help Me Find My Family

Blameless Gregory

Help Me Find My Family

Please share.  This is Gregory Garland and his birthday is Saturday, October 6.  He is nearing 70 years old and his last known address was in the Seattle, Washington area.  Those blue eyes radiate his kindness and hope without telling the real story of how he wants to go home and be with his children.  His children are located in Washington and Massachusetts and probably think he’s dead.  Their names are Cheri Lee Garland, Stephanie Harrera (spelling ?), Gregory J. Garland and Sean I. Garland.  If you know them, please contact Tammy Ingram or Blameless and Forever Free Ministries at or Facebook.

Gregory came to California for a hip replacement surgery.  Once he was released, he wanted his alcohol.  He is an alcoholic.  One thing led to another and he was attacked and beat up with all his possessions taken except for his walker.  This is how I met Gregory.  He was incoherent on the side of the road and I pulled over.  I had to stop traffic and summon paramedics.  He went back to the hospital.

Upon release, he had no driver’s license, no wallet, no cell phone, nothing but his walker.  I have run back into Gregory after looking for him for months and we need to find his family.  He stays to himself, like many homeless, and has exhausted all resources and feels this is just how he will die. 

Due to technology, can you remember your kids’ phone numbers?  I can’t and have felt hopeless at times and quite ignorant when my cell wasn’t readily available.  What most of you don’t know about the homeless is, a lot of resources are not available without a valid I.D.  They cannot even receive necessary resources like temporary shelters because they don’t have a valid I.D.  We cannot get Gregory a valid I.D. without a birth certificate.

Many homeless individuals suffer from this mandatory item; lack of I.D.  It is horrendous and quite a lengthy time-consuming process and expensive to get the necessary items that are needed for emergency support.  Plus, you need a valid mailing address to send this pertinent information to.  If you’re homeless, you don’t have a valid mailing address.

We will be ordering Gregory’s birth certificate and finish completing the forms on Thursday, but it will take weeks to have it sent to Blameless’ mailing address.  Then once we get it, we will have to go down to the DMV and order an I.D. card/driver’s license which will take a couple more weeks.  You get the idea here.  He is unable to receive his Social Security or any financial help.  He is suffering from a significant skin disease/lesions throughout his body now and needs medical help.

Please, this man is near and dear to me.  If we can find his family, I will do everything in my power to put him on a bus or an airplane to get him to his daughters in Washington, but I need to first find them and have hopes that they have his birth certificate or other documents to expedite travel.

Yes, this is a battle which keeps many homeless beloveds homeless.  I used to sit back and judge and get all pissy because some hotels were allowing the homeless to come into the lobby area and charge their cell phones.  I felt so violated and upset with the generous management of some hotels.  Woe to me for being Princess Tammy judging and thinking heinously because now here I am running a nonprofit organization that is trying to make a difference in the lives of those who have been rejected and are homeless for a sundry of reasons.

Please help me help Gregory Garland whose birthday is Saturday, October 6, in finding his family so his gentle spirit can live long enough to get home and see his family.  I’ve had to hunt him down.  He is not asking for anything, but I AM!  This will also remove one more homeless person off the streets.  One person at a time, one day at a time.  With God, all things are possible!

Until next time…

Thank You For Being Beautiful You!


To Belittle…

To Belittle Is To

be little!

Should you ever find yourself the victim of another’s bitterness, their smallness, or even their insecurities, remember… things could be worse… you could be them!

Oh my…

No, thank you! I’ve had my fill of the angry birds and abusers for a lifetime.

Today I was reminded of God’s amazing love and His protection in guarding my heart when a family member attacked and belittled me.

Abusers are a part of my DNA. Lord knows I’ve learned from the best! But one thing I have learned and am so grateful for is, Greater is He that lives in me than he that is in the world (1 John 4:4).

The beauty of transformation. Thank you, Jesus!

And I don’t take “my DNA” lightly. The blood that runs through my veins now is kingdom-filled and full of life flowing with God’s Love, not hate and spite of the enemy that comes to kill, steal and destroy!

Am I upset?

It’s time to break through the mold and thank Jesus for His life and freedom in being beautiful beloveds who are dearly loved, imperfect and yet, His magnificent works of art, right?

I want to be free of all these deeply-seated wounds and the broken pieces that are hindering me from my God-given identity and purpose.

How about you?

Blameless Breaking Free

When another belittles or tries to pretend we’re a bad person so they don’t feel guilty about the things they did personally to us or said about us, running from confrontation and any accountability whatsoever, we are most like Christ when we remain silent under attack.

And let me be brutally honest here…

It is sooooo freakin’ stinkin’ hard to remember this when being assaulted. People can be savage!

Belittle may be defined as to “make (someone or something) seem unimportant,” but that’s an understatement. People are cruel. Even family members. This is their way of projecting their insecurities onto others and what they wished they actually were.

So when walking through another’s assault that deems my life as “worthless,” the sole blame for their problems, it is near impossible to be quiet.

Where’s my voice, Lord?

Gag me with peace!

How can my breastplate be shielding my heart when I can still feel pain ricocheting off my shield?

This breastplate of righteousness is what protects and guards our heart which is the very seat of our emotions, you know, our self-worth and trust factor.

Thank God I’ve been touched by my Beautiful Jesus who loves me and I can run to Him for refuge knowing He’ll never forsake me.

When you’ve been completely rejected and abandoned, you need tender coddling and assurance to deal with persecution and courage to walk through life confident and strong.

Sweet friends, the piercing of our hearts requires immediate healing so the pain will not attach and fester into a venomous bitter root. When stuffed down, it will eventually mirror the aggressor’s ugly actions with death rolling from our tongues!

This reiterates why James talks about the tongue being a small but powerful member that destroys everyone and everything in its path (James 3:1-12). Who needs to fear a nuclear war when our mouths are more destructive?

Forgive me for the profanity below, but it speaks to my carnality as it releases toxins from the sting incurred from an embittered person’s assaults.

Blameless Projection Accountability

Just being transparent…

It’s hard to pray for those who hurt us, but loving our enemies and doing good to those who hate us is brutally challenging. Not to mention blessing those who curse us is even harder (Luke 6:27-29).

I’m still a work in progress, but it can be done when we’re filled with God’s Love.

Remembering to be on guard equipped with our shields of faith when assaults come out of nowhere takes practice. We lose our focus easily. Guarding our hearts and minds requires being grounded daily in God’s Word. This helps thwart the attacks from distracting us and subtracting our worth.

Our worth was never theirs to give us in the first place, so they cannot take away what was not theirs to give anyways.

Words hurt. They sting. They rob us and can leave us depleted!

Belittling is flat-out cruel and a form of emotional abuse. The best rebuttal is to love and respond with a blessing. That takes a BIG heart of courage! Any fool can retaliate; just saying…

God wants His Beautiful Beloveds building others up because we know what it’s like to be torn down and ripped to shreds.


“Never let anyone belittle you. Their unkind words are a reflection of their insecurities and what they wish for you to be.” Trust in yourself and believe in who God says you are:

His Masterpiece!

Until next time...

Thank You For Being Beautiful You!


Mary, Did You Know…

… That Your Baby Boy Would …

“When the divine life possesses the soul, it flows over in gracious ministries among our fellowmen. The affluence becomes an influence importing itself to others.” ~ John Henry Jowett

My mind has been fixated on two particular songs this Christmas season that announce a tug of war going on between pain and gain; Mary Did You Know and Labor of Love. One speaks of being highly favored in carrying the King of all kings and all its glory, while the other speaks to the pain and suffering surrounding the inhumane conditions and environment during the birth of Jesus.

Mary is known for being the mother of Jesus Christ and for sojourning through life with influence being “highly favored.” This pronouncement of grace delivered by the angel named Gabriel confuses her deserved respect to mere idolatry today (Luke 1:28).

I don’t know about you, but the planting of that miraculous seed developing right before my very eyes, both figuratively and literally, would open the doorway of vulnerability for enemy attacks, assaults and accusations. I would have absolutely no time to prepare or be on guard for the automatic deployment of the flaming arrows that would confuse this “gift” being highly favored.

When God speaks, we oftentimes forget there’s more to the story than meets the eye. 

Do I hear an Amen before the ahem?

Worshiping a sinful woman who suffered immensely beyond all comprehension destroys her deep faith and amazing testimony. She should definitely be respected and praised, but not idolized and sought after for prayer, deliverance, you name it. Her life is an example to follow!

Mary was a woman of faith and discipline. When Jesus referred to Mary as “Woman” in John 2:4 during the wedding, that should have initiated an automatic reactionary backhand.

Though we don’t know all the details, Mary’s faith was built on trust and delivered through tragedy and heartache.

Blameless Star of David

How is God’s gracious presence being displayed through our lives?

As I focus on the words of both songs and understand what all it cost Mary being Jesus’ mother, it reminds me of my own grief and losses as a parent. My faith recalls my own refinement process and the molding and shaping that occurred during my school of pain. My children will receive their gifting, but some qualities are delayed, others cost dearly, and many can only be learned through pain and suffering.

Absent of Mary’s labeling, she didn’t know her baby boy would calm violent storms with His precious hands. That He would give sight to the blind. That He would walk where angels trod. And each time she leaned in to kiss her baby boy, she had no idea she was kissing the face of God.

She never knew that her son would be Lord of all creation and would one day rule all the nations. How could she? Nor that her baby boy would be crucified and tortured right before her very eyes just to save our sons and daughters.

Moms, that’s excruciating pain…

The thought that this precious baby cooing and looking back at you as he nurses off of your breasts has come to make you new, and this child that you delivered will soon deliver you because He is the Great I Am is unimaginable!

Forget the glamorous depiction of a cleaned-up baby Jesus with white skin and blue eyes. That’s an illusion. Jesus was most probably dark skinned. He was born in filth, disease and decay. Mary may have delivered and brought down heaven, but it was not in conditions that were indicative of any kingdom affluence and/or privilege.

“It was not a silent night. There was blood on the ground. You could hear a woman cry in the alley late at night. And the stable was not clean, and the cobblestones were cold, little Mary full of grace with the tears upon her face with no mother’s hand to hold…”

It was nothing short of a Labor of Love.

Raising An Extra-Grace Required Child!

Mary knew Jesus was unlike any other, yet she went through questionable behaviors and unknowns just like we do regarding what her child would become. Being the mother of Jesus required more than mastering the skills needed to raise an extra-grace required child.

Ponder that…

She pondered and treasured the words in her heart that the angel Gabriel delivered, the words of Elizabeth, the shepherds’ pronouncements, and the prophetic words of the Old Testament. She kept tapping into these treasures deep in her heart along with her faith and trust in God. 

These treasures Mary held near to her heart are what kept her brave and strong. This radiance is what both held and lit the way during darkness. We may not understand everything, but we can love and support while believing in others because Jesus radiates within our souls.

When the divine life possesses the soul, it flows over in gracious ministries among our fellowmen. The affluence becomes an influence importing itself to others. ~ John Henry Jowett

If we are beloveds who delight in the gift of Jesus’ presence, we become imitators of God, therefore, as dearly loved children and live a life of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God (Ephesians 5:1-2).

Jesus is the Labor of Love!

Until next time…

Blameless Gratitude Wall Beautiful You

What Does Christianity and Easter Have In Common?

Blameless John 15.13

What Does Christianity and Easter

Have In Common? 

He Is Risen!

His tortured and mutilated frame bled like ours as His blood-stained arms were stretched out and nailed to a wooden cross.  These nails that bound him at the hands and feet did not end His kingdom and/or take away His spoken promises.  They fulfilled it!  Jesus’ death brought love, life, truth, forgiveness and eternal reconciliation with God through His resurrection.  Jesus Christ defeated every sin, all evil and death on the cross.  Death is not an ending, nor should we fear or dread it!

The Resurrection is at the very core of the Christian faith.  Christ promised that He would be risen again in three days (John 2:19).  Since He did just as He promised, we can be certain every single word Jesus ever spoke is nothing but the Truth because He is God (1 Corinthians 15:13-18).  God sent His one and only Son into the world that we might live through Him.  This is love: not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins (1 John 4:9-10)!

Because Jesus has risen and is alive, we can be assured that He is sitting at the right hand of God and that our sins are forgiven and forgotten.  And since Jesus has risen, we can have faith that He is living and intercedes to God on our behalf.  What a glorious promise to treasure and embrace this Holy Week with Good Friday and Easter celebrations, reminding us of the victory gained on the cross all in the name of Love. 

Since Jesus rose and was resurrected, He defeated death which ushers believers into eternal life with God the Father once we are gloriously raised (John 11:25).  Now that’s quite a celebratory event, wouldn’t you agree?  After all, the stone that was rolled away from the tomb heralded the gateway to heaven and the assurance of the promises that await us.  We will also see our loved ones who passed before us again; that’s cause for celebration!

Sadly, the beautiful truths and proclamation about Jesus’ life, death and resurrection has been riddled with division due to the deception built around our legalistic religions.  Jesus’ death and resurrection wasn’t fulfilled in order to instill guilt or shame.  Quite the contrary!  His death and resurrection was never intended to manipulate us through threats of eternal damnation or to restrain us with fear in order to lead us to repentance.  Jesus did it all in the name of Love because God is the source of all love.

We have a friend in Jesus.  Greater love has no one than this, that He lay down His life for His friends (John 15:13).  As hard as it is to wrap our finite minds around this concept, we need to remember, There is no fear in love.  But Perfect Love drives out all fear, because fear has to do with punishment (1 John 4:18).  That is the key that unlocks the doorway of our hearts and minds to engage in this great love affair.

I don’t know about you, but I needed introduction into what belonging meant because I was abandoned and rejected.  I was once orphaned and alone, but all I had to do was reach out towards my Lord’s extending hand to receive His presence and adoption into His kingdom.  Jesus is the gateway towards grace.  Jesus is the doorway towards deliverance.  Jesus is the free pass for peace.  Jesus is the man of mercy.  Jesus is the gate to glory!

I have been hated, but Jesus calls me highly favored.  I was broken and betrayed, but Jesus made beauty out of ashes.  My heart was fractured into many pieces, but Jesus offered me peace.  When my worth and value were questioned, Jesus showed me my significance.  I was once lonely, but Jesus calls me His friend.  I was once abused, but Jesus is my advocate and protector.  I was once weak and insecure, but now I’m strong, bold and courageous. 

Everything Jesus did in His Life and through His death was extraordinarily loving!

Jesus ushers us into the gateway of heaven.  That’s why He suffered such a horrendous death.  Love is a choice and requires action.  He died for my sins, let alone the world’s, to bring us into reconciliation with God.  God so desperately wanted a relationship with His beloved children, He was willing to sacrifice it all, His only begotten son, and that was quite a selfless act. 

Jesus brought heaven down.  Let’s be Beautiful Beloveds who praise with reverence and adoration.  There is no Greater Love than what ushers believers into eternal paradise promised and delivered through His death and resurrection.  We can be at peace in the words Jesus promised us.  That is love and hope worth believing and cleaving into!  This hope is what empowers us with confidence to bravely walk by faith and not faint by sight!

Let’s commence this Holy Week remembering the freedom we have received from the death and resurrection of Christ.  He is alive and is risen!  I am embracing this beautiful Easter celebrating and rejoicing over who my Lord and Savior is, my Redeemer, by sharing with others this joy that resides within me and radiates off of me.  Love is a choice with an action; won’t you join me!

Jesus Is Risen

That’s Why You’re Beautiful You! 

Living With Addiction Day 4 ~ Never Give Up On Yourself

Blameless Never Give Up

Living With Addiction

Never Give Up On Yourself

Day 4 of 40

My precious loved ones:  I am hoping you’re reading this because you have mentioned your awareness in rage and haste.  For starters, I love you with all my heart and soul and am so sorry you’re hurting!  ♥♥  Sometimes Perfect Love requires discipline and correction; this is how we learn.  There is no shame or blame here with what has happened, just the awareness of the accountability and reaching out for help!    

And even though you may not believe it, the pain I’m feeling is more than a broken heart, it’s a loss; the greatest loss of loved ones that any family could ever be blessed with.  That leadership gift that graces your lives with struggles is the testimony needed to share and relate with the world.  None of us are perfect; we all make mistakes and we just need to learn how to recover from them and get back up in order to grow.  Change is hard; I know this one all too well.

We all need the extension of the olive branch from time to time.  Grabbing ahold of it, though, presents many challenges filled with unknowns, but there is nothing to fear with Perfect Love.  The door of faith and favor and fulfillment is just waiting for you to grab ahold of and walk through.  My love will never stop; though it be afar right now!  God sees my tears and hears my prayers for the deliverance of anger, addiction and abuse.  This cycle needs to stop!

Living with addiction and its associated strongholds of anger, abuse and depression is a pattern that is being repeated over and over again in our families.  It has even claimed the life of some!  We are all beautiful specimens of our generations past so instead of running and hiding from the pain and patterns out of fear and shame, let’s embrace it and sever these addictive qualities. 

I kind of know what you’re feeling right now; abandoned and rejected, scared and confused.  I get that!  I am sorry you’re hurting.  I have felt that way myself more times than I care to admit.  This is what is tearing me apart the most because you are so loved and there is help waiting.

There is no shame or embarrassment here, just acknowledgement of the need for help and owning up to your own responsibility and asking for forgiveness.  Change is necessary for healthy relationships.  It’s a tough road, but a healthy mindset is powerful and full of peace.  That’s what counselors, support groups, family, and your responsibility in walking through those doors offer.  Going at it alone will only repeat, even intensify, the problem and another generation be cursed.

We have two choices:  Live with it or live without it.  I am no longer living with addiction or its byproduct.  I still struggle with my own strongholds of fear and denial, let alone anger and depression, but that is something the Lord will continue to work with me on this side of heaven.  I am not perfect.  No one is!  That’s the beauty of life blossoming.

I am not an enabler, nor am I co-dependent on the chaos and control spewing from the venom that entangles others into a massive web of destruction.  I decided to sever this dysfunctional lifestyle and embrace the protection offered from the umbrella of God’s grace and mercy to be protected from the storm causing all this pain long ago and follow up on my boundaries laid out.

Fear may have driven my entire life from the deposits of all the strongholds, but I will not engage in that battleground any longer.  I opened the chambers of my heart, but now with becoming healthier and stronger from living away from all the abuse, that world I left behind many years ago is where it resides; in the past!  It is scary, chaotic, and depleting and not a healthy environment.

Becoming healthy is an amazing freedom to live in!  I am seeing how God has transformed my own life because fear is loosening the reins of dictatorship controlling my decisions.  I am no longer surrounded by the fuel lines of anger and aggression and control that used to manipulate me.  I still struggle, but am prevailing.  I can see so clearly now how I do not belong in those strongholds God miraculously delivered me from.  

I may grieve now for a time and it will be hard, but by hanging onto the Lord, the Perfect Love who casts out all fear (1 John 4:18) and whom I know and trust wholeheartedly, this stretching will be brutal because I must be patient and await God’s timing to perform His miraculous healing.  I am walking by faith and not by sight; my faith walk.  It’s the being removed and patient part while grieving that will challenge my faith. 

When we’re awaiting the restoration and healing of our loved ones, we want the healing now!!!  I know I do!  The Lord assured me that your sickness would not end in death (John 11:4), but will glorify Him.  I will hang onto that Promise knowing I will see you again, touch you and celebrate while severing these strongholds afflicting our family.  I am sorry you’re hurting.  With my tears, this I pray with great expectation, in Jesus’ mighty name!

I love you… ♥♥

Living with Addiction ~ Tammy Tangent Tuesdays

Blameless Hot Thou Are 1

Living With Addiction

Day 2 of 40

Tammy Tangent Tuesdays

The Journey Being Beautiful You

Happy New Year, Beautiful!  2016 offers the blessings of faith, favor and fulfillment for all who dare to receive!  Yes, you’ve got it, it’s that time again; it’s Tammy Tangent Tuesdays.  I pray you had a beautiful Christmas filled with all the love and peace the birth of Christ radiates and a wonderful New Year! 

In keeping with my promise to fulfill the 40-day challenge in writing about Living With Addiction, I am incorporating my weekly Tammy Tangent Tuesdays’ challenges because one thing I know for certain, us Beautiful Beloveds need to be Be-Loved and Be-Held and Be-Healed daily.  And my living with addiction since birth developed insecurities that a lot of us Beloveds live and battle with daily all due to the frequency of living in the bad neighborhood of Negative Nancy instead of realizing just how beautiful and unique and extremely valuable we each are.  Without each other, there is no beauty in the bunch! 

When I was listening to one of Joel Osteen’s services a few weeks back, he shared what one of his associates had related about prophesying positivity and a great habit to develop whereas not to speak negativity into our lives.  I knew right then Blameless Mirror Image 1.1and there I had to share and add my Tammy Tangent flare to air the joy of this challenge.  If habits take twenty days to develop, then in three weeks we are going to have a boat full of Beautiful Beloveds who are not only professing they’re beautiful, but are walking confidently with their crowns on and an attitude to boot! 

To summarize, you know how us women are famous starting off our days being Negative Nancy’s, you know, those words we speak out loud that influence our day; such as “I look sooo tired, I can’t go to work like this; I am fat and have nothing to wear; I’m ruined, look at that zit on my face; look at my hair, I have to call in sick; Oh Mylanta, where did that wrinkle come from?”  Yes, those infamous words we use to start off our day.  We’ve all said them!

Weekly Challenge:  Our weekly challenge is to start off each day looking into the mirror and verbally proclaim: “(Insert your name here), you were good lookin’ yesterday, but girlfriend, today you are smokin’ hot!  You are one Beautiful Beloved.”  Humor me here.  Then to make yourself laugh out loud and bring good cheer to your day, as you tell yourself you’re even more beautiful today, the Tammy Tangent animated part is don’t forget to lick your finger and flick it while making that sizzlin’ sound.  Say it out loud and say it often; you’ll be surprised at how it changes your attitude and mindset, not to mention the little ears that might hear.  Declare your beauty and be Proud of It!

I hope you have some fun with this challenge.  It’s a great way to start off the New Year prophesying and acknowledging just how beautiful you are.  That’s radiating light and sharing the kingdom of God this side of heaven!

Until next time…

Every negative word that has EVER been spoken over you is released right now and the Blessings of Faith, Favor and Fulfillment is yours for the taking!

Thank You For Being Beautiful You and How Hot Thou Are!

Blameless Hot Thou Are 1


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