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Prayers Needed For Our Children and Schools

Prayers Deliver Needed Change…

Tammy Tangent Tuesdays!

“My daughter has no voice. She was murdered last week, shot nine times on the third floor,” said Andrew Pollack. Father of one of the 17 victims in Florida’s school shooting massacre.

He continues, “This shouldn’t happen. We go to the airport, I can’t get on the plane with a bottle of water, but we leave some animal to walk into a classroom and shoot our children.”

The remnants of another tragic school shooting massacre.  It’s time the voices of the victims be heard and not muted. Prayer is needed for protection and guidance.

We cannot merely leave it at prayer, though. We must come back together in unity and work proactively! Trauma interrupts routine. Prayer initiates C-H-A-N-G-E!

Blameless Children Path Prayer

Since Jesus loves the little children of the world, shouldn’t we?  With another violent school shooting, it’s time that WE ALL COME TOGETHER IN AGREEMENT and begin PRAYING for the angel armies to lead and build a hedge of protection surrounding our schools, the precious children, teachers, the staff, and the surrounding grounds.

There is already enough crime infiltrating and infecting our schools today through drugs and bullying. We have taken for granted that our schools are safe environments. Hurt people hurt others and sadly, our kids are not exempt. That’s generally where the pain originates. 

Coming together interlinked with empowerment delivers the awareness and education that our children need to help keep them safe. Understanding we can no longer shelter them by sequestration is vital. All that is doing is instilling fear and leaving them vulnerable to attack when they leave their nests, their safe-havens.

Let’s introduce them to the outpouring of L-O-V-E Himself that is very much alive!

Living in an evil world where the enemy roams around looking for someone to devour, we need to get back to the basics by bringing God back into our lives and schools! It’s sad how we continue to shake our fists at the Lord when we’ve completely rejected and removed Him from our lives.

Jesus is our Great Advocate and it is our responsibility to know our role here in bringing justice and implementing it in our society. That takes a village with many eyes and ears to keep watch.



A part…

And role…

In building…


And restoring…

Protection and peace!

Blameless Living For God

Every Decision To Live For God Will Never Leave You With Regrets!

Since Perfect Love casts out all fear (1 John 4:18), a beautiful solution to the problem is to take one or two minutes a day as we’re dropping our kids off at school, or even those precious grandbabies, by praying a quick prayer that the hedge of protection surrounds each and every child, the school grounds, the teachers, staff members and the surrounding areas.

Even when you pass by a school bus, just lifting that precious cargo up to the Lord in a quick prayer will keep them protected. Prayers need not be dissertations. God knows our hearts.

God wants to hear us proclaiming:

God, you’re our refuge. We trust in you and are safe!

This includes our precious children and grandchildren.

You rescue us from hidden traps and shield us from deadly hazards. 

Your huge outstretched arms protect us – under them we’re perfectly safe; Your arms fend off all harm.

We shall fear nothing – not wild wolves in the night, not flying arrows (or bullets) in the day, nor the disaster that erupts at high noon ( emphasized Psalm 91).

Blameless Hands of God 4.4

Strength and Beauty comes from Community!

If you’re walking your child to school, what an opportunity this is to witness and teach your child the importance of prayer. Explain to them that you will be hanging out for an extra couple of minutes to pray silently over the school.

Who knows, kids are bright and they want nothing more than to mirror their parents’ actions, so they may want to start praying with you.

Before you know it, their friends will see you all praying and the domino effect proclaiming our dependence on God through prayer will be glorified. You will even meet new people.

This seed that you sowed will bloom into a protective community filled with many parents and children coming together before school to pray, all because you walked out your faith with prayer.

What a huge testimony and witness!

Blameless Proverbs 22.6

It’s a different world out there today, so we need to incorporate daily the armor of God (Ephesians 6:13-18) while instilling the Biblical values and protection daily with our kids. They need to be prepared and equipped; not sheltered and naive about what is happening in society today! 

Kids watch and will follow our lead. It’s up to ALL OF US to be great examples as parents, grandparents, teachers, family members, and even mentors! How about just caring as a member of your community; remembering everyone affects others; good or bad. 

Those babies have a long road ahead of them!  We need to help teach them and guide them by letting them know they’re not alone in this and they need not fear.

Jesus intercedes on our behalf; shouldn’t we do the same for others?  This is yet another way to be the hands and feet of God; and we all want and need to protect the purity and innocence of our children!  ♥♥

Until next time…

Thank You For Being Beautiful You!

Blameless Just Because Beautiful You 1.1


Christians Don’t Have Issues, They Have Prayer Requests!

Checking Out Time

If Christians Don’t Have Issues, Then I’m Off To Lake Tahoe To Pray!

Someone’s Got To!

Seriously… Christians don’t have issues, they have prayer requests???

For whatever reason, I cannot stop laughing my assets off about this comical and engaging statement. You don’t have to walk very far to find humor here.

Sadly, this seems to be the attitude today in the church with all the hypocrisy and facades of some.

For the record, I am a Christian and I have issues. I’m not afraid to admit my imperfections, so…

This just glorifies my Father! I am only as strong as the grace extended and received!

Isn’t that where grace comes into play, anyways, into our issues?

There’s no need to hide from it or stuff it down further. Talk about emphasizing and making our “buts” bigger! But, but, but, but God…

Blameless Don't Get Dressed Without It

These issues are going to be there until we deal with them or buy new jeans. And buying a new pair of jeans each week is going to cost A LOT MORE than just monetarily! God will eventually tire of our “buts” and put us on a diet.

I’m going to try and pack lighter and clear out the garbage through prayer and application. I’ve been carrying around quite a load that I need to leave in Lake Tahoe. Time to dump and unload. My strength needs to focus on the present, not the funk from past hurts!

Our naivety believes our “image” is safe behind our facades. We need to take a look in the mirror. It follows us like a 5:00 o’clock shadow. What flows from our mouths exposes our hearts, and I want mine to flow out love.

There is freedom to gain when we admit our struggles and release them. This could be carrying around fear, shame, guilt or those horrible insecurities that lead us into actions and behaviors that are contrary to a loved and treasured child of God.

For me, the fear of judgment and condemnation interferes with my trust factor in allowing a sister and brother from another mother to shoulder my pain while holding me accountable. Betrayal issues hinder the blessings intended through community prayer! 

PRAYERS are meant to pull us in TOGETHER as we lean in to God to UNITE and claim the power of PRAYER!

That’s the beauty about prayer, we are leaning into God and snuggling in tight. He loves it when we are close enough to hear His heartbeat and gentle whispers. My heart loves and thrives on His heavenly smile.

The accountability partnership is powerful, if only we’ll trust. I want my attention or “issues” to be covered in prayer so I can love and love well while concentrating on emulating my beautiful Lord without tarnishing Him or my own character.

Admittedly, I have “issues” regarding abandonment and rejection due to being orphaned and abused that still gets triggered today even though I have received healing and forgiven my violators.

Let it go… Let it go… Let it go…

Sometimes it’s hard to let go of the assaults against us. But if we let go of the pain of the past, we can lose that weight and give God room to move on our behalf to bring healing to our souls. What a great way to increase our faith while becoming lighter!

And we all want to be lighter, right? I know I do.

No room for all that dirty laundry and heavy baggage to carry around. It stinks in more ways than the obvious.

Life becomes beautiful and more peaceful when we quit talking about the past and making it worse than it actually is/was. Surrendering that bitterness and rage offers a yoke that is easy and the burden light.

This peace delivered is similar to the beauty found in watching a dove fly off towards freedom!

Blameless Dove

Doves are a symbol of hope, care and purity. Letting forgiveness clean and heal our beautiful hearts is freeing like the dove.

Totally breathtaking…

We’re only as powerful as those we do life with! This weekend, this tiny, yet potent, beautiful beloved delivered a sermon about the junk we accumulate through life that weighs us down. Her message was as powerful as her authenticity in being a treasured daughter of our Lord God Almighty.

That’s what I am striving for, being authentic through word and deed as I sojourn this side of heaven.

Thank you, Janice Bird. I want my life to be as powerful and impactful for the kingdom as yours. Talk about an attitude to boot!

I have issues just like everybody else does. I am choosing, though, to work through those in deep prayer while escaping to Lake Tahoe. I just hope the intensity of my prayers doesn’t pull the surrounding mountainous terrain into the lake tomorrow. I plan on moving mountains with my prayers.

Stay tuned!

Until next time…

Thank You For Being Beautiful You!