Clothed and Wrapped Up in Prayer! Tammy Tangent Tuesdays

Blameless Prayer is a Lifestyle 1.1

Clothed and Wrapped Up in Prayer!

Tammy Tangent Tuesdays

Hello Beautiful!  I pray you’re having a blessed week so far filled with strength and grace as you sojourn this side of heaven.  It’s that time again; it’s Tammy Tangent Tuesdays!  I hope you all were blessed last week in sharing with seven of your girlfriends one reason why you felt they were beautiful!  We all want and need to hear we’re beautiful. ♥♥

After spending an amazing couple of days at the women’s Undone conference listening to the gifted and powerful speakers, Havilah Cunnington and Bianca Olthoff, sharing with thousands of other Beautiful Blameless Prayer 1.1Beloveds from many congregations who are all trying to navigate through this crazy journey called life this side of heaven, one thing was clear:  When our struggles seem to be defeating us from the constant dodging of all the flaming arrows and emotional darts that occupy so much space while keeping us on our toes (like every hour, hello!), we need to remember there’s a simple and always available antidote that will diffuse and soothe our aching hearts and minds:  Prayer! 

God is just waiting for us to sit at His feet and pray while trusting Him for the deliverance and restoration that the perfect peace in Isaiah 26:3 mentions.  That is why casting over our cares to Him while we’re on our knees builds strength and hope.  I totally get that there are times when living in this imperfect world makes the simple task of breathing hard, especially when you’ve been holding your breath for so long; but praying gives birth to a confident and courageous warrior ready to claim and receive victory.  Yes, you can throw your tantrum first on the ground, but then pray!  I wear and carry the crown for Tammy Tantrums!

Remembering that prayer is like what is depicted in this photograph of the dancer; it’s a lifestyle choice.  The veil signifies being pure and blameless.  When we trust God with all our heart, Blameless Prayer is a Lifestyle 1.1soul, body and mind like the Word commands (Matthew 22:37), the transparency and sheerness of the veil wrapped around our bodies should be the only barrier between God and us.  He knows our every thought and action anyways, not to mention the number of hairs on our head, so let’s go to Him in our nakedness first knowing that our exposure is known while surrendering everything that is entangling our lives!  Praying enables us to keep our focus off of our difficulties and puts our focus on God who will give us the strength and guidance that we’re seeking.  He is inviting us all to come to Him to receive His outpouring of Love and rest for our weary souls!

Weekly challenge:  Take five minutes every morning and at night and get wrapped up in the shadow of the Almighty.  Embrace God’s love!  Get in the habit of making prayer a part of your lifestyle.  What a better way to surrender your life, completely naked, exposed and vulnerable.  What intimacy, someone who knows us at our worst and yet loves us just the way we are!!!

God desires a relationship with us so He can tell us the greatest whispers of affirmation that every Beloved yearns to hear; but that requires work on our part, every relationship requires time in each other’s presence to learn how one communicates.  Time spent in prayer quiets our souls, gets our minds off of our problems, and allows us to hear and develop trust with God. 

Let’s be like this beautiful dancer, naked and vulnerable underneath this veil of purity, yet wrapped and captivated in God’s great love.  That’s the only way we are going to be able to embrace life as a dance and allow our teacher to instruct and lead while letting go of being in control.  In order to waltz like the Beautiful Beloveds we are in our Father’s arms, it requires practice. 

Let Love take the lead this week as you trust in Him.  This will unleash that perfect peace which surpasses all understanding.

Until next time…

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Let’s Blow Up Facebook and Social Media Tammy Tangent Tuesdays

Blameless Beautiful You

Tammy Tangent Tuesdays

Hello Beautiful!  I pray you are having a blessed week so far filled with all the love and beauty you generate just by being Beautiful You!!!  ♥♥  It’s that time again, it’s Tammy Tangent Tuesdays!!! 

Tammy wants to come out and play by giving back to each and every Blameless Bloody Mary Flowers 7woman around the world by telling her how beautiful and special she is!  That requires help, from all of you!  Every woman WANTS and NEEDS to hear how beautiful she is by hearing one of the many reasons why others think she is beautiful. 

Let’s blow up Facebook and other social media forums (I will get arrested now) with love and encouragement so every single Beautiful Beloved is acknowledged for her own unique qualities!  Truth be told, I feel since we’re so quick to post our political positions and objections, sharing selfies, slam religions, etc., let’s do the opposite and post love through praise and recognition.  Yes, I’m throwing a Tammy Tantrum instead of a Tammy Tangent!  🙂

Blameless Hands of God 4.4Weekly challenge:  Pass the flower around by picking seven girlfriends and tell them one thing you love and admire about them on their Facebook page by hitting the share button of this week’s Tammy Tangent Tuesdays onto their Facebook page and start an outpouring and overwhelming amount of love and beauty to each and every Beautiful Beloved.  Thank them by stating, “Thank you for being Beautiful You!  I think you’re beautiful because…” ♥♥

Remember, our friends fight for us, they respect us, they include us, they encourage us, theyneed us, they deserve us, and they stand by us!  This is our virtual opportunity to smile radiating that beautiful spirit that resides within us.  One person gets to bless seven Beautiful Beloveds all across our world!  Let’s make hearts smile!

Just think how quickly this can spread around the world.  Oh, happy day to spread some sunshine around in our dark world!!!  Our world needs to hear more love, more encouragement, more cheer, and definitely a whole lot more joy to build up and construct confident Beloveds rather than the demolition derby that seems to be prevalent these days with the ease in tearing down others on social media.  Radiate that beautiful you that is sitting idle; let this stir something inside of you to bless others with a word of encouragement. 

Think about it, if every woman on Facebook told just one woman why they believe she is beautiful, it would be a matter of weeks before every woman in the world is told how beautiful and appreciated she is.  Domino effect!  What a better way to bring unity into our communities.

Most of all, Beautiful Beloved, thank you for being Beautiful You!  There is no one like you; never will be!  God loves you just the way you are, and so do I. ♥♥

Until next time…

Thank You For Being

Beautiful You

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