A Tribute to All Mothers, Grandmothers and Great-Grandmothers

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A Tribute to the Definition of


Mom, mommy, mother…….  When God created the heavens and the earth and breathed life into the nostrils of man, God’s creation was far from complete because He knew He could not rest until His creative work designed His most magnificent and beautiful creation of all; woman!  God could have designed His beautiful masterpiece much like He created man, from the dust of the ground, but God chose to create woman by uniquely sculpting and forming her from the flesh and bones of man.  This may be symbolic in nature for the sanctity and union of marriage regarding one flesh; but one thing we need never forget is how God designed the woman to give life to the world!

Mom, mommy, mother…….  No one could prepare us for the truth of this tremendous task and responsibility that brings not only immense joy, but also great sorrow!  We’re tender hearts who love without borders, though at times because of our own expectations, it’s hard to express and share that love due to the exhaustion that the mundane tasks of sleepless nights, poopy diapers, and defiant teenagers bring about.  We know we’re trying to do the best we can, but it may appear to others looking in that we’re doing everything wrong.  Or are we?  Look at those blessings standing before us!

Mom LoveBeautiful Beloved, what all of us need to be reminded of is a message that was on a gift I received from my adult son that says, “A mom is a special friend who loves you just the way you are.”  This means you love because you are loved much, while wearing your heart on your sleeve, no matter how torn and tattered it is; you snuggle in tight while exposing your back to the frigid elements just so you can turn winter into spring for your special peeps who are surrounded with your love and warmth; you give of yourself until exhaustion sets in, wiping you completely off of your feet wondering why you try through your perceived failed attempts; you give your all, while even losing yourself and identity, to do the best you can to make up for what you perceive you’re not and/or lacking; you’re a mom, a mommy, a mother, who would rather give up her own life in order to protect her young! 

Blameless ImperfectTo all the imperfect mamas out there, we stand boldly together with our heads held high because we’re equipped with the hope to scurry up the courage needed to defend like no other; we love and cheer when others offer nothing more than jeer; we love much because we know the value of forgiveness; and we understand the value of admitting we don’t know everything or have all the right answers; we know we did the very best we could with the tools we were equipped with at the time, and God allowed it this way for His plan and purpose; and as the saying goes, we know that we may hold our child’s hand for only a brief time, but we will forever hold their hearts!

Mom, mommy, mother…….  Being a mother requires the sacrifice of letting go through all the unknowns and regrets brought on by the feelings of not being good enough when they were young!  Being a mom requires the stamina and trust to watch your child go down a path of destruction while begging and trusting the Lord to intervene.  Being a mommy is embracing and cherishing the purity and innocence of a child’s dependance on you!

Mom, mommy, mother…….  There’s no manual spelling out how to be the perfect mother, because none exist.  All mothers are hot messes trying to navigate through the demands of life and priorities.  There is no perfect mother and yet we’re all striving to be this “mother” that God never designed us to be.  Society may dictate that we have to look a certain way and exude perfection or that our kids have to be similar, but if you’re a mother, you need to know that just isn’t attainable.  That is just going to make you crazy and miss out on the precious moments in life.  I know, I lived that life.  Sometimes this craziness makes us act and react in ways that are more childish than the children we’re raising.  It’s okay, we don’t have to be perfect.  We just have to learn and move on.  That’s what a great teacher does!

Mom, mommy, mother…….  You’re beautiful, you’re loved, and you’re appreciated!  Thank you for staying awake all those restless nights just so Blameless Hand Holdingyou could love on me while I was sick.  Thank you for holding my hand when I was scared.  Thank you for the encouragement that flows from your mouth and for always believing in me when no one else would.  Thank you for the dial-a-ride taxi service that I took for granted.  Thank you for taking on the stress of helping me finish my homework when you should have slept instead.  Thank you for loving me when I was unlovable.  Thank you for washing my stinky clothes and embracing me when I stank.  Thank you for allowing me to scream “I want my mommy” without judgment.  Thank you for showering me with love and never stopping when you could have.  Thank you for loving me when I didn’t act like I loved and/or needed you.  

A mommy is a master of mundane; someone who feels like she has to perform and be a Super Mom to her Super Heros and feels defeated when she can’t be all that she believes she should be.  A mom is a mission of mercy, master of madness, master of mayhem, normally considered a mean ‘ole mom, must obey me, mother of many, and let us not forget, maintenance operations manager.  A mother is considered the most outstanding master because she survived! ♥♥

Let’s take this day to honor our mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers and cherish the fact that moms are not only Made of Miracles, Makers of Me, but mainly……  Most worthy and beautiful of all praise.  Thank you for being Beautiful You and for all you have done!  Happy Mother’s Day!

We must never forget…  Few things are as powerful as the faithful prayers coming from a righteous mother!  Faithful mothers pursue because they know they’re pursued!

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