The Offering ~ Tammy Tangent Tuesdays

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Tammy Tangent Tuesdays

The Offering! 

Hello Beautiful!  I pray you are having a blessed week so far!  It’s that time again, it’s Tammy Tangent Tuesdays!!!  This weekly challenge is probably going to require a little stepping outside of our comfort zones in being the hands and feet of God, but it will bless others with the provision and hope that a “free ride” offers.

I overheard a couple of people last weekend at church sharing that they would love to come to church more often and get involved in the community if they had a ride.  They shared the depth of their grateful hearts, but they feel a sense of embarrassment due to the constant imposition.  It tears down their worth and value.  It can be degrading emotionally, spiritually and physically when our sense of independence is hampered.

Let’s face it, when it’s above 80 degrees outside, walking a short distance makes a person perspire and uncomfortable with their presence.  Lord knows, us menopausal women know how humiliating and uncomfortable it is to be cold and clammy one minute and hot and sweaty the next.  Forget it!  Talk about being a hot mess that wants to hide, preferably in the freezer!   🙂

This weekly challenge is easy.  Let’s position ourselves to be “the offering” that will bless someone in need, whether it’s giving them a ride to church, to the store, to the doctor’s, or even to a friend’s house.  This extends to our neighbor’s teenager whose mother is working nonstop just to keep a Blameless The Offering 2.2roof over their head.  It’s an extremely easy way to serve others by giving rides to church.  You’re already going. Extending those golden nuggets as an offering could be the conduit that God uses as a stepping stone to bless the life of another this side of heaven.  What a valuable gift!  If you don’t know anyone who needs a ride, contact your church to see if they do; be proactive.  You could even ask to be put down in the weekly bulletin or start a ministry called “The Offering” to help spread the news in your congregation.  There are so many people who don’t go to church because they’re unable to get there for a variety of reasons; whether it’s because of the heat, too cold, disabled, too far, etc.  We all need to be carried at times.

“The Offering” could also extend to reaching out to the lonely and alienated.  When we get to know the people in our congregations and communities, one common thread is apparent; oftentimes peopleBlameless Flowers Bunch don’t go to church because they don’t know anyone and/or they don’t want to go alone.  Some of us may welcome going alone from time to time, but for most people, they want the added security of a physical being that will walk alongside of them until they get comfortable so they won’t stand out feeling so isolated.  One may be the loneliest number that anyone will ever do, so let’s invite and be a part of their lives.  This kind of “Love” requires action, which is being the kind of friend that Jesus is and teaches in the gospels!  Challenge yourself this week by extending the invitation in being the hands and feet of God by presenting yourself as an offering while remembering, without each other, there’s no beauty in the bunch!  We need each other to bloom and grow! ♥♥

Until next time…

Thank You for being Beautiful You!

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