Excuse me… Let’s remove that rather large plank from your own eye while I’m still hanging here!

Blameless Plank in Eye 7

Excuse me… 

You might want to remove that rather large plank from your own eye while I’m still hanging here!!!

You know that feeling, you’re beyond console.  You’re no longer content and purring like a kitty.  Now you’re finding yourself lying in wait for an innocent prey to cross your path so you can devour and consume them!  Every living, breathing thing annoys you.  Between the sound from the constant jeers occupying way too much space in your neighborhood (your mind) to the innocence of laughter coming from the playground at recess, everything and everyone has somehow leeched onto the underpinnings of your emotional and spiritual foundation.  Now all you’re doing is roaring like a tiger and leaping and pouncing on the prey that stands before you. 

You’re tired.  No, more like exhausted.  Life is hard.  People are messy.  Change abounds and relentless demands suck out the very last breath you had been holding onto.  You feel like the hunted, yet your actions simulate a hunter looking to accuse and devour.  You’re judging another’s piece of imperfection while walking around with your own huge plank distorting your framed lenses. 

Everyone has a problem except for you (hello :-).)  You’re demanding they change, yet you’ve failed to realize you’re the one who needs to change because you’re letting their actions affect you.  Life had gotten too heavy again and somehow or another you removed the wrong baggage; you know, you lightened your load by putting your solitude time with God on the backburner.  And here your Bible is screaming, “Open, open, open.”

There’s a reason the Bible tells us in Matthew 7:5 and Luke 6:41-42 about Jesus’ teaching regarding the criticism of others.  Granted, there are times when the actions of others need to be confronted for their wrongdoing, but when we can’t let it go and it starts consuming our every thought and action, bringing about negative amplification, we become self-righteous and judgmental.  Ouch!

I needed this.  The Lord was convicting me.  I had let the doubt and challenges over the sovereignty of God’s protection with future generations consume me.  Every choice and decision I was obediently choosing to make will Blameless Judgmentimpact our future generations.  Walking out our faith is brutally hard at times especially when it requires the severance of strongholds that have afflicted loved ones. 

When everyone and everything started annoying me, I realized how I let the actions of another pollute my tender heart and I needed the cleansing that only the Lord could purify through His grace and tender mercies.  This anger and irritation festering inside of me was wrapping me up into a web of destruction.  The lies of the enemy.  I wanted out of this entanglement again because it was way too hard to walk through.  Even though I knew this suffering would last only for a little while, sojourning this side of heaven was anything but blissful.  My bones became dry and brittle and I was parched!

How could I figure out how to escape victoriously?  First I needed to pray and repent!   After that, I needed to read and surround myself in that beautiful love letter of mine, the Bible, and receive the cleansing and nourishment my soul was craving.  God was awaiting His daughter’s presence so He could purify my soul and speak restoration, blessings and favor back into my life. 

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I wrestle, battle, growl and, yes, even pounce on others because I’m irritated, exhausted, frustrated, feeling used, and want out of the tough path that I am in, and I forget about the valuable resources available that would empower me with the much-needed strength to quench and satisfy my thirst that could only come from the living water Himself; Jesus Christ! 

Where’s my passionate pursuit?  I need to be refueled and restored.  The resistance is killing me.  I know that sounds rather dramatic, but it is intense combating all these flaming arrows while I grow weary in my defense.  My sword becomes dull without the constant sharpening when I am in the midst of intense spiritual battle. 

This is why I focus on what Hebrews 4:12 says, “For the word of God is living and active.  Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.”  God’s Word is powerful and life-changing, and when we become immersed into it, His Word reveals what is inside our tender hearts (good and bad) and speaks through revelation what is festering inside of us.  And since He loves us just the way we are, we don’t have to be afraid being exposed and vulnerable!

The filthiness and decay of my flesh and spirit needs daily, or more like moment by moment, cleansing perfecting His holiness throughout my life this side of heaven.  When I receive this cleansing from being in the presence of God, reading His Word, then my thoughts and feelings promote reactions and actions that lead to peace and blessings.  If we don’t take the time to understand and process what we’re feeling and thinking, then we become judgmental and sinister and blinded to the plank in our own very eye. 

And you know what, I’ll let you in on a secret here; I’m not always right :-).  I am an imperfect Beloved who is Be-held living in an imperfect world and my humble perspective changes and allows my world room to bloom and grow being a Beautiful Beloved!

Oh, don’t worry, I’m still hanging onto that tree branch.  I’m sure there will be many more difficult days in my future where I’ll be ready to pounce and devour, but I can only pray for deliverance on that day and worry about my own plank rather than what is in my brother’s or sister’s eye.  God isn’t through with me yet. ♥♥

Since I don’t want to infect or pounce upon others the way my neighborhood (my mind) is operating at this moment, I am taking a step back, while throwing off everything that hinders and those rose-colored blinders, and remember that the world doesn’t evolve around me.  Well, in my world, it’s ALWAYS ABOUT ME, ME, ME :-).  This helps me to quietly reassure myself of my worth and value and remember that others’ actions and behaviors are their own and there is no place for my own judgment.  I have enough of my own issues to deal with! 

Until next time…

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