God’s Redemption! Reoffenders Lack Relationships

God’s Redemption!

Transformation Matters | Reoffenders Lack Relationships

For the incarcerated residents that Blameless and Forever Free Ministries impacts, transformation occurs through God’s Great Love, coupled with connectedness, awareness and vulnerability.

⚓️ Connectedness is the relational anchor ⚓️

For our incarcerated to understand themselves and their actions, Blameless believes it requires understanding their history; and that includes generational familial dysfunction. After all, the “emotional residue of our past follows us.” -Dr. Bruce Perry

Until the wounds of our childhood traumas are healed, we will continue to bleed. The wounds will bleed through and stain our lives, whether it’s through drugs, alcohol, incarceration, etc.

It takes community/belonging to equip them with the courage to pull out the arrow, the deep wound, and begin to heal. That is what our workbook, “Suffering in Silence,” offers with God’s amazing grace.

With such a high demand, on this #GivingTuesday, Nov. 30, we pray that you will find it in your heart to support the distribution of our “Suffering in Silence” programming that is helping foster transformation through redemption and rehabilitation in our state prisons.

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