Who Is Tammy Ingram?

Who Am I?  Great Question…

Well, for starters, I’m a Beautiful Beloved (we’re all beautiful ) who was once a hot mess and now is thriving and surviving under the umbrella of God’s Amazing Grace! There is no one quite like me, that’s for sure.

When you get to know me, rather quickly you will find out that I’m just a girl who loves Jesus and wants to have fun while doing life with my faith, family, loving people, music, dance, and everything the beach has to offer.

Plain and simple: This Grammy Tammy wants to have fun like every little girl!

I have absolutely no image to project or facade to hide behind here except to share through vulnerability and authenticity someone who was once rejected and orphaned and abused in every sense imaginable and who now is living a life being loved, considered precious and even pursued while deriving her worth and value from what only our Lord could offer.

What beloved would not want to know she’s being pursued and chased because she’s LOVED and is more than ENOUGH?

One secret: I want EVERYONE to experience this Great Love Affair that I have with the Lord God Almighty that is available by simply believing and to waltz through life with confidence and freedom knowing the love of our Father. The transformation that occurs when you know how loved you are is breathtaking.

There’s no judgment or condemnation here. That’s why I live by my motto: There is no shame in our game; Jesus is His Name! Can I hear a great big hallelujah!

I love Jesus! He is my rock, my world and my Grand Sustainer. Without Him, I could not exist. I am sojourning this side of heaven being God’s treasured daughter and work of art, you know, His masterpiece (Ephesians 2:10).

The giddy little girl inside of me says, I love knowing I’m a masterpiece, don’t you?

You can read my “Meet Ms. Tammy Ingram” page that was written to announce my presidency in my nonprofit organization called Blameless and Forever Free Ministries that I am organizing in California if you want the long and worldly side about me. It does shed a bit more about me, but…

This girl just wants to have fun. Come join me as we sojourn this side of heaven dancing and celebrating each other!

Love and Blessings, Tammy Ingram, aka F.I.N.E.  *:D big grin
P.S. A lot of people ask me about the acronym of “F.I.N.E.” that is attached to my signature. Since you’ve read this far, I’ll share.
During my law enforcement chaplaincy academy, the director explained that since us chaplains have a tendency to say we’re “fine” after experiencing and witnessing traumatic crises and chaotic situations as part of being a first responder, she was adamant in announcing what that acronym really meant in a humorous tone. Being the silly girl that I am, I adopted it and ran with it…
It means…
Freaked Out
Until next time…

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