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Blameless Proverbs 3.5

Door of Trust

Hello Beautiful!  I pray you’re having a blessed week filled with all the love, memories, and yummy leftovers that Thanksgiving brought.  I know it’s going to be loose skirts and leggings for a while so I can enjoy every last morsel.  It’s that time again; it’s Tammy Tangent Tuesdays!  I was praying that you were able to embrace Thanksgiving with tender hearts that were open, alert and present, filled with all the joy and gratitude that last week’s challenge inspired.  In case you missed it, just click here Enter With Thanksgiving.  

So many of us Beloveds are already in high gear (me, me, me) with going through heavy seasons filled with grief, loss and unknowns.  Add in the burden brought on by the additional demands vying for our attention on top of an already maxed out calendar, like the shopping for Christmas, the wrappings, decorations, let alone the feasts and festivities, this can be anything but merry for some of us Beloveds.

When we’re burdened and consumed with the torment in worrying about other matters that pertain to the future with all the unknowns and what-if’s that are occupying today’s space, this pollutes and robs our hearts and minds of the joy and blessings meant solely for today, not to mention the interference it plays in preparing our hearts and souls for the true meaning of Christmas.

Proverbs 3:5 (NIV) tells us to “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.”  How can we surrender the worries of tomorrow while entering through the front door of trust when we’re walking and living in the fears and anxieties of tomorrow? 

What if we become still long enough to experience and trust the One inviting us to enter and walk through the Door of Trust.  Stick with me here :-).  God promises to equip us with the liberty needed in order to walk through and lock up our bad neighborhoods (mindsets) one last time in order to remove the clutter of tomorrow’s worry.  This clutter occupies way too much space to begin with and it zaps us of our energy and strength needed for today.

Let’s trust the Lord for today and taste and see His goodness as we embrace the beauty in each step.  Now we can stop and see and be filled with wonder at all the care and thoughtfulness that went into each and every stepping stone with Blameless Stepping Stones Heart 1hearts of love (gifts) that God specifically designed just to bless us with.  Each day God graces us with enough strength, encouragement and peace we all seek and need!  If we don’t stop long enough to open and encounter these gifts for today, we are robbing God of the blessings in answering our prayers that our knees bleed for.

I don’t know about you, but if there is a gift laying in my path wrapped up just for me, you better believe I want to be in the right neighborhood (mindset) so I can see it and open it up (MINE! ).  Do not worry about tomorrow, tomorrow will worry about itself (Matthew 6:34).  Wouldn’t this help ease our loads, make better decisions for tomorrow, and help us be present and alive in the moment?

I have to laugh because I am guilty as charged of this.  How many times have we been so preoccupied with plans and/or thoughts and actions, you know, engaging in a battlefield of our mind, when we walk right past a girlfriend without any sort of acknowledgement because we are too busy living in the wrong neighborhood to see the cheerful gift right before our very eyes?

Now we have created another problem; our friend’s feelings are hurt because we were too busy battling the drama going on in our own minds!  Let’s remove some of that occupied space; it belongs in tomorrow, so we can open ourselves up to receive God’s gift of blessings for today.  We will feel a whole lot lighter; and following Thanksgiving, I’ll take that blessing any ‘ole day!

Weekly challenge:  This week let’s be intent with great expectation in going through the Door of Trust each and every day looking for all of the hidden treasures that God’s love has strategically laid out before us to guide and direct our lives.  Leave tomorrow’s worries where they lay so we’re not blinded from picking up and receiving the gifts meant for just us today.

God does care and He is holding our hearts; after all, He calls us His Beautiful Beloveds, so of course He wants to take care of us!  Let’s give Him some room.

Until next time…  

Trust the One who holds the key to your heart; after all, He made you and calls you His Beautiful Beloved!


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