Simple Things Really…


Living Each Day As If There Is No Tomorrow!

We’re Singing In The Rain, When Most Think We’re Insane; What A Glorious Feeling, It’s All About Healing…

Just Singing, Singing In The Rain!

Ever notice those parents or grandparents that are squealing with delight and having way too much fun, more so than even the kids appear to be?

Do they know something we don’t?

I admit, there have been many times where I fulfilled the desires of my childlike heart and blamed this free spirit and craziness on the kids and grandkids, but not anymore. We are not guaranteed our tomorrows, and there’s a little girl deep inside that wants to come out and play.

Well, today was no exception…

Maybe that’s why I’m sick now!

Between the excitement from this weekend’s rain that had refreshed my soul with an internal temperature I could not control, well… WE just had to go out and play! 

Yes, it was all my idea so I will take credit for all the glares and stares.

Actually, I do declare they were just sentiments of wishful thinking and admiration in that they weren’t out there with us having fun.

Social media checking, television watching or cleaning the house was apparently way more important than playing in the rain and exploring the innocence and beauty of living life today.

Welcome to the freedom found when experiencing life with Grammy Tammy in Wonderland!

Not only did we go out and play and cause quite a commotion, but we were greeted with not one, not two, but three quack-quacks who were more curious than us!

Sojourning with the Lord this side of heaven can be quite an exhilarating ride when we humble ourselves enough to embrace a childlike heart and live life freely for each new day given without worry and apprehension. That can be kind of hard these days with all the tragedy and heartache, but it can be experienced. God’s sprinkling of love is available for us each and every day.


Blameless Rainbow That Keeps Giving

Like this past weekend, it was almost as though the ducks took on our role of experiencing this phenomenon called exploration with a childlike heart filled with joy, curiosity and wonder (inquisition at her finest!). That is, until the wild turkeys had to bombard us with claiming their turf in the surf!

If the turkeys only knew what consisted as part of the main focal point on Thanksgiving, they would have danced alongside of us. Gobble-gobble.

Misery may love company, but us quack-quacks love to play and sing in the rain. At least I do! And sometimes… well, let’s just say the little girl in me comes out to play in a profound way at times. I love a great adventure!

For instance, as my friends can all attest, backseat driving was never more comical than an adventure with me occupying that space. I am the one in the backseat exclaiming during an obnoxious stop light that is sitting idle in red tempting our patience (and my bladder), “In the name of Jesus, turn green so we can go before I go.”

Oh, and it worked, too. What a memory for a carload full of “established” women. The adventures of Tammy in Wonderland. Depends undergarments never looked so good!

Good Morning, Sunshine

You know that old song, Old MacDonald had a farm…

Indulge me here, please, as you sing along!

Old MacDonald had a farm

And on his farm he had a duck

With a quack quack here
And a quack quack there,
Here a quack, there a quack
Everywhere a quack quack!

Old MacDonald had a farm

You know, I am really liking this being me kind of thing… There’s freedom in just being!

Grammy Tammy’s a big kid now!

I pray that your week ahead is filled with an outpouring of refreshment similar to the cleansing rains we have been blessed with here in Northern California. And with more storms approaching, I pray you will take the time to love much and to sing and dance in the rain as your week is sprinkled with new life and childlike wonder that will restore your soul with God’s amazing grace!

I’ll be singing and dancing somewhere; you know me!

Until next time..

Thank You For Being Beautiful You!