I want to be Wild, Beautiful and Carefree just like the Sea!

Blameless Wild, Beautiful, Free

It’s Not Easy Being Me!!

Blameless Mind ControlYou know that rare and treasured moment when your mind is still and quiet enough to hear a song that is playing in the backdrop throughout the store and it pushes the happy dance button.  You find yourself fancy-free and footloose in your moves (more like grooving) along with the piercing and obnoxious exaggeration of the tone-deaf vocals that overshadow your presence.  As you complete the Michael Jackson twirl, you adjust your composure and look up to find others not only staring at you, but joining in as well because of your free spirit in being Beautiful You; but because you are so stinkin’ embarrassed (more like humiliated because you got caught seizing the moment), you instinctively remove yourself through the channels of shame and despair with your head down instead of enjoying the moment and sharing in the joy.

Blameless Wild, Beautiful, FreeWhy can’t it be the other way around; whether or not the perceived reception is favorable, we find ourselves free and confident enough to enjoy the moment and embrace the innocence and beauty in being the real us?  I don’t know about you, but I want to be as wild, beautiful, and courageously carefree in being me just like the sea and Jesus says we can be!  I was born to be wild; just ask my parents, and not in a bad way, just different than them in my hopes and aspirations!  Being wild does not always mean inappropriate or rebellious in nature!  Why are we so afraid to be the “real” us?  Why do we feel we have to be conformed to what society demands instead of being who God designed us to be?  And who sets the standards anyways as to what is considered goofy in today’s norm?  Society projects a standard of perfectionism and a feat that is not only unattainable, but it contradicts what God created and His laws.  I’m so far from perfect that there’s no way I could hold a candle to those expectations, and I don’t want to.  All it does is lead us down to a path of destruction through deceit, depression, anger, loneliness, isolation and shame, to name a few, not to mention a hefty plastic surgeon debt!

Blameless BibleSo how do we tap into the power of achieving this great confidence in understanding our self-worth and value that will allow the joy and happiness that makes up our person and brings beauty to the bunch?  First of all, let us not forget how we were uniquely sculpted into this magnificent creation out of nothing (Psalm 139:14-16) into the image and likeness of God (Genesis 1:27).  But most of all, we need to stop comparing ourselves to each other!  We are all different colors, shapes and sizes so we can specifically add beauty to the bunch (can you imagine two of me; Lord have mercy)!  Plus, this is sin at its finest hour!  Comparison is folly and invites the consequences of a fool (2 Cor. 10:12-13).  We were not designed to be replicas of anyoneCan you sense my Tammy Tantrum starting?

This is such a hard feat for us women to conquer and one I struggle with myself; between all these bipolar emotions, you know, the love-hate ones especially when comparing (look at her hair or her skin, I hate her already); the Blameless Ballet 8fluctuating hormones that promote weight gain and bloating and PMS that is as psycho as the worst offender, and all that hot air (my butt looks fat in these jeans, my day is ruined ); I’ve hid long enough behind the facade in what I perceived society dictated and demanded me to be.  The younger and wiser this Grammy Tammy gets through the transforming power of the Holy Spirit, there’s such amazing freedom and beauty found within all this hot mess and battle scars from life by accepting the unique and beautiful Be-loved that God says I am.  Now I don’t have to hide from the enjoyment of life when I have bad hair days or when I gain ten pounds because I ate too much Thai food; but oh, was it yummy! 

You know what, Sunday, March 8th, is International Women’s Day!  Let us all respect and celebrate each others’ lives through the acknowledgement and prayer that is due to each and every one of God’s magnificent creations, that’s all of us Beautiful Beloveds, and that we celebrate what all we’ve accomplished and who we truly are!  We are all so beautiful and offer so much to this world through God’s divine plan and purpose!  This is the easiest and cheapest beauty trick known to mankind and yet it’s the hardest to do; time to love on ourselves!

Fuel for thought…….

Blameless Ballet Hard WorkI believe the mastering of what we allow to control and put in our minds is similar to dancing; fluid movement like ballet takes more than grace, it requires hard work and dedication; and to master yoga, it takes practice and discipline, all of which requires action.  I believe that conquering the mind controls every element and belief possible and it is painful at times. The mind is like the legs and feet, what we put in and entertain (ponder), what we focus on, sets into motion where we will go, how we will react, and who we will love and forgive.  This includes ourselves!  If we don’t love who we are, how can we expect anyone else to?  Our mind is more than just a battlefield, what we put in it determines our path!  This is why we need to spend time with the Lord daily reading His Word!

Blameless DanceWhat’s it going to take to allow the freedom to stretch our minds and allow our feet to dance so freely without inhibition?  Will you walk down the aisles of your local supermarket or department store and dance to your favorite popular song with me?  How about playing a classical note on the piano with just your feet?  I would, if given the opportunity, even though it would just be chopsticks.  It may not be easy to be me, but oh my, it can be so much fun when I’m free! ♥♥♥

I find great solace in the beauty and tranquility of the beach, along with its cleansing properties.  Watching a sunset at the beach brings me great satisfaction!  I pray some day to go back because that’s where my heart and soul gravitates to and I find the greatest peace. Blameless Beach Healing  At the beach I am able to still my mind and be purified so the viper attacks Paul talks about in Acts 28:1-7 do not latch on and suck me completely of my worth (that insecurity fester); or the countless hours I spend feeling inadequate because I don’t feel beautiful or wanted, nor belong, to a world that is cruel and oftentimes demeaning; but I need to be poured into because I realize that if I am going to witness to a world filled with non-believers, then my life needs to be filled with His Word so His confidence in who He says I am is lived out so my testimony through character and witness will make them question their doubt and disbelief!  I am not religious, I have a relationship with Jesus Christ and that is modeled by my character and conduct; that includes loving myself!

Blameless Ballet 7Why can’t we be free to be you and me?  What are we so afraid of?  I want to be free and be the Beautiful Be-loved that God designed me to be, so let’s pray for one another and encourage each other to claim and embrace with immense joy who we are and not prohibit or inhibit His allowing us to be confident and courageous Be-loveds He designed us to be!  It takes intense strength and courage to be this way; much like the beautiful ballerina to the right!  Wow!!!

Every opportunity for change is a blessing; it really is up to us to walk through the door and embrace the beauty of the challenge.  It may be hard and it requires courage, but it’s a channel worth pursuing because God wants to meet us there at our weakest spots.  Let’s be as wild, beautiful and carefree as we deem to be!  Let’s embrace this season of change and realize not only our worth and value, but how so deeply loved and cherished we are!   

♥♥♥ Happy Woman’s Day!  Thank you for being Beautiful You! ♥♥♥

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