Tammy Tangent Tuesdays

Blameless Flowers Beauty in the Bunch 1

Tammy Tangent Tuesdays!

Hello, Beautiful!  It’s Tammy Tangent Tuesdays!!I  This week’s challenge is to spread the beauty throughout our communities with flowers.  Everybody loves flowers and they brighten up lives!

I challenge all of us this week to go out and share the beauty and joy that simple flowers bring.  Let’s show the world by sharing how a simple gesture of handing someone flowers or attaching them to a car’s windshield or your neighbor’s front door will illuminate a smile across America!  And when mamas are happy, everyone’s happy!  

I challenge you to go out and buy a bunch of flowers, $3, $4 a bunch (if finances are tight, buy one flower or cut one of your own), and attach an anonymous note saying:

“Just because……. Thank you for being Beautiful You!  Pay it Forward.”

Blameless Smile Reason

Find that neighbor that you don’t know and drop them off on their porch, give them to your pharmacist, a nurse, or the checker in any retail establishment, or how about the waitress that serves you. Trust me, you will be amazed at the reactions to what people say and do. Flowers bring smiles; and that smile will be conveyed onto others naturally and it will bring joy to a dark world.  Come on, let’s spread the love of Jesus to a world that needs a bright spot.

Share this post on your FB page and let’s get this started.  Every time you receive a bunch of flowers, take one flower and give it to someone else.  I would love to hear how this simple token of love is brightening up others’ lives! 

“Embrace that beauty within you and let it shine!!! Remember, we may be different in color, shape and style, but without each other, there is no beauty in the bunch!!!” ~ Tammy Ingram

If you would like to leave a comment or have suggestions for further outreach in the community, I’d love to hear from you; simply just fill out the form below and I will receive it.