Living with Addiction ~ Tammy Tangent Tuesdays

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Living With Addiction

Day 2 of 40

Tammy Tangent Tuesdays

The Journey Being Beautiful You

Happy New Year, Beautiful!  2016 offers the blessings of faith, favor and fulfillment for all who dare to receive!  Yes, you’ve got it, it’s that time again; it’s Tammy Tangent Tuesdays.  I pray you had a beautiful Christmas filled with all the love and peace the birth of Christ radiates and a wonderful New Year! 

In keeping with my promise to fulfill the 40-day challenge in writing about Living With Addiction, I am incorporating my weekly Tammy Tangent Tuesdays’ challenges because one thing I know for certain, us Beautiful Beloveds need to be Be-Loved and Be-Held and Be-Healed daily.  And my living with addiction since birth developed insecurities that a lot of us Beloveds live and battle with daily all due to the frequency of living in the bad neighborhood of Negative Nancy instead of realizing just how beautiful and unique and extremely valuable we each are.  Without each other, there is no beauty in the bunch! 

When I was listening to one of Joel Osteen’s services a few weeks back, he shared what one of his associates had related about prophesying positivity and a great habit to develop whereas not to speak negativity into our lives.  I knew right then Blameless Mirror Image 1.1and there I had to share and add my Tammy Tangent flare to air the joy of this challenge.  If habits take twenty days to develop, then in three weeks we are going to have a boat full of Beautiful Beloveds who are not only professing they’re beautiful, but are walking confidently with their crowns on and an attitude to boot! 

To summarize, you know how us women are famous starting off our days being Negative Nancy’s, you know, those words we speak out loud that influence our day; such as “I look sooo tired, I can’t go to work like this; I am fat and have nothing to wear; I’m ruined, look at that zit on my face; look at my hair, I have to call in sick; Oh Mylanta, where did that wrinkle come from?”  Yes, those infamous words we use to start off our day.  We’ve all said them!

Weekly Challenge:  Our weekly challenge is to start off each day looking into the mirror and verbally proclaim: “(Insert your name here), you were good lookin’ yesterday, but girlfriend, today you are smokin’ hot!  You are one Beautiful Beloved.”  Humor me here.  Then to make yourself laugh out loud and bring good cheer to your day, as you tell yourself you’re even more beautiful today, the Tammy Tangent animated part is don’t forget to lick your finger and flick it while making that sizzlin’ sound.  Say it out loud and say it often; you’ll be surprised at how it changes your attitude and mindset, not to mention the little ears that might hear.  Declare your beauty and be Proud of It!

I hope you have some fun with this challenge.  It’s a great way to start off the New Year prophesying and acknowledging just how beautiful you are.  That’s radiating light and sharing the kingdom of God this side of heaven!

Until next time…

Every negative word that has EVER been spoken over you is released right now and the Blessings of Faith, Favor and Fulfillment is yours for the taking!

Thank You For Being Beautiful You and How Hot Thou Are!

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