The Eyes Tell A Story More Powerful Than The Tongue!

Blameless Life

Do Our Eyes Reflect Spiritual Light Or Darkness?

The eye is the lamp of the body.  If your eyes are good, your whole body will be full of light (Matthew 6:22). 

I was feeling sassy and playful.  Confidence oozed from my pores.  I finally had that skip back in my step.  I had allowed discouragement and what I perceived as “defeat” to rob me of my strength and joy.  But my eyes were screaming, “I’m back…”

I thrive pursuing a blameless life emanating joy because I love my Lord who gives me comfort and courage, but attack my character and/or a loved one’s, that temptation to leap and pounce on the prey that stands before me becomes my greatest sin and battlefield.

This Beloved was graciously rewarded with joy that could not be contained.  The intensity when God stretches your faith and trust by using you as His vessel to shake up an evil and corrupt justice system is hard not to rejoice and celebrate over.  Vengeance belongs to the Lord!  But… the containment found in the eyes tells the story of a longing fulfilled. 

Our hearts mirror our souls and are reflected by our thoughts and what we see and hear!

We have to protect what we see and hear daily and what we allow into our lives.  Sometimes we don’t have that choice and that can usher adverse effects on the condition of our souls.  When we have a growing, intimate relationship with Jesus, our eyes are more radiant because they’re fixated on Him and not our problems.  When we become discouraged and defeated, that glow and twinkling loses its brilliance.  As hard as we try to hide our feelings, we forget how our eyes speak with their own language. 

Can we say animated???  You bet!  Daggers…  Venom…  Deadly…

Seriously though, I was skipping merrily along with jolts of joy because the Lord took victory in using the weak (me, me, me) to take down the strong (usurping authority).  I was radiating confidence that this wounded warrior only dared to dream about (1 Corinthians 1:27). 

So now when God ushers me into situations that are way over my head and expertise and full of fear, I won’t freak out as bad because I have this faith-building deliverance that strengthened my faith.

A person’s thoughts are discovered and exposed by examining the eyes!

Let’s face it, when we’re upset, our eyes are a dead giveaway.  We don’t need to open our mouths.  There is more fire and toxicity than light.  Have you ever looked in the eyes of a person filled with rage?  I sure have.  Let me share, it is frightening.  All you see is a blank stare filled with death and glazed-over fire.  There is no flicker of life in those eyes.  When you encounter a person filled with joy and the love of the Lord, their eyes twinkle and radiate their soul’s health.

I used to struggle focusing on the Lord when I lived in darkness filled with fear, despair and depression.  Life can be really hard at times, but until I claimed and received the Lord’s outpouring of Love that permeated my heart, His light could not be radiated.  It is up to me now to keep the rekindling process alive so I can thrive and not just survive.

Blameless Beauty of a Woman

The true beauty of a Beloved is seen through her eyes!

I don’t know anyone that would enjoy spending time in the presence of a beautiful woman with hate in her heart and eyes filled with darkness.  The true beauty of a Beloved is seen through her eyes and how she makes others feel!

Have you ever noticed the person you were talking with seemed to have a twinkle in their eyes when they were talking?  Maybe there were tears overflowing from the ducts of their eyes or a redness that shadowed the whites of their eyes.  Paulo Coelho wrote, “The eyes are the mirror of the soul and reflect everything that seems to be hidden; and like a mirror, they also reflect the person looking into them.”

I want my eyes to project the strength of my soul.  That doesn’t mean they won’t gush tears from the sorrow of my soul from time to time, but I want them to radiate my soul’s beauty and strength that is found within the eye’s twinkling.

Always pray to have eyes that see the best, a heart that forgives the worst, a mind that forgets the bad, and a soul that never loses faith!

When people look into your eyes, do they see life or death?  When you speak, do your eyes twinkle with sincerity and excitement or do they radiate judgment and darkness?  Our eyes speak louder than anything that could flow from our mouths, filtered or not.

When life takes me through turbulent storms, I want immediate relief and an umbrella of protection.  When the waves are constantly pounding me up against the rocks in the raging sea and I find myself struggling not to go under, my soul clings to:

You Are Much Stronger Than The Storm!

Faith and trust enables us to see through the Lens of Love Himself with no borders and/or boundaries leading us to sojourn confidently while taking risks and living in peace that surpasses all knowledge.  What story do your eyes show?

Until next time…

Thank You For Being Beautiful You!


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